Thai Marriage – Rules, Rituals, Dating Tips and Dating Culture

Marriage as we all know is one of the most important event happening in between the life of 2 persons who have now promised each other that no matter what happens but they will stay together forever from now on. All the near and dear ones are invited in this happy moment and the day is celebrated with joy and happiness and people shower their blessings on the newly married couple.

The same happens in Thailand too but Thailand has some rules and rituals which needs to be strictly followed.

Thailand Marriage Rules:

Marriage in Thailand will be considered as a legal marriage only if it is approved and is valid under the Thai law. So simple marrying a girl in Thailand doesn’t means that you are married.

Documentation is a very important step in a Thai marriage. Without correct documentation you will never be considered as legally married. But no need to worry as it is just a one day process and once the documents are ready all you need to do is just submit your documents and once done you are now legally approved to get married in Thailand.

Thailand has the most exotic, amazing and beautiful sceneries which makes it a perfect location to get married.

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Thailand Marriage Rituals:

Every country has its own unique marriage rituals and same goes with Thailand too. There are many traditional rituals in a Thailand wedding which are followed even by today’s generation.

There are different marriage rituals in Thailand like some follow rituals of south of Thailand while some follow rituals of north of Thailand.

Rituals where Thai Brides and Thai Grooms are asked to sit apart while their loved ones are busy in preparing the bridal bed for the wedding night.

Thai Bridal Bed

Mostly a Thai wedding is a non-religious one the only thing which makes it religious is the presence of monks in those weddings.

The presence of monks is to ensure that the newly married couple gets all blessings and luck for their new life.

Thai Dating Tips:

Thai Dating Tips

Thailand as we all know is one of the most exciting tourist place when it comes to travelling alone as “Whatever happens in Thailand, Stays in Thailand”. The sensual and exotic life of Thailand makes it a hub of tourists all around the year. People from all across the world travel to Thailand to experience the life, culture and of course the exotic life of Thailand.

Yes, it is true that the nightlife of Thailand is famous all across the world. Mostly, Single men prefers travelling to Thailand with the basic and obvious intentions of meeting and dating thai girls. There are many more intentions but obviously we can’t disclose all those intentions here in this article.

When it comes to dating a thai women there are many points which are incorrect about thai women like a men (if have money) can have any thai women he wants. Most of the thai women works in massage parlors who are ready to go beyond limit just for the sake of money. Thai women are quite and submissive and are waiting for their men to come and pick them up.

Well to be honest all these are just myths.

A thai women will not sleep with any man just for little money. The fact is that all the single men who travel to Thailand with such intentions are more desperate than the thai women there.

When it comes to dating a thai women, she also looks for respect, loyalty and of course commitment. These women are independent and are living life in a very modern manner.

Thai Dating Culture:

Thai Dating Culture

Thailand takes it dating culture very seriously as most of its income and revenue is generated via tourists only. The dating culture in Thailand also shows the importance or women and brides in Thailand. They protect their reputation and culture as they sometime even indulge in physical relationships with most of their dating partners and therefore proper safety about the identity should be taken.

As per the sources, women in Thailand are mostly shy in nature and that is why the protection of their reputation and identity is always taken seriously as most of the women are having sexual experiences with their dating partner due to which their real identity should never be disclosed to those who are dating them. This is the part of their dating culture.

Thai Dating Rituals:

Thai dating culture and rituals are very unique and are widely different from culture followed in other Asian countries. People in Thailand are not expected to do arranged marriages as they believe that love marriage has the wide chance of becoming long lasting than arranged. Dating culture in thai has given women the power to choose the men they want to date and to decide if their men are quality partner or not and if not then they can even leave them if not satisfied. These dates have so far now proved to be a test for the men which is taken by women before going in a long lasting lifetime marriage.

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