Tesla illustrates why remapping modern cars is popular today

People who drove a Tesla who fled Hurricane Irma in september last year got an unexpected surprise. As they were trying to get through overcrowded highways, some of the more affordable models suddenly got an extreme boost in their mile range. Thanks to a silent free upgrade their cars gained some extra 30 miles.


Blocking your car’s potential

However this kind act from Tesla also highlights the fact that it basically had been selling identical vehicles at different prices. The less expensive models Tesla introduced in 2016 have the same 75KwH battery as its more highly-prices automobiles.

However a built-in software program limits the mile range to 80%. By buying an upgrade for thousands of dollars Tesla drivers can utilize the full potential of their car. And due to the fact that Tesla provides these software updates online, these modifications can be made with the flick of a virtual switch.

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According to economist Alex Tabarrok Tesla’s act is an example of price discrimination. However, the art of promoting superficially worse versions of the same (or a similar) product for much less isn’t anything new.

What is new is that companies now can alter what their product has to offer at any stage during its life cycle, according to consumer pricing expert Dr. Georg Tacke.

This trend will only become bigger as more and more software is implemented into consumers’ hardware.

Car remapping

Because of this the practice of car remapping is becoming more popular everyday. More and more consumers turn to suppliers of custom-made ECU remapping files. These tune petrol and diesel engines and gives automobiles a greater performance and a more efficient fuel consumption, without touching the engines.

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Be careful however, as not all suppliers deliver the same quality and remapping your car unprofessionally can lead to irreparable damage. If you are curious about how to a remapping the right way, click here.

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