Complete Technical Guide Associated With Double Sided Tape

Even though it might not be earning some golden points based on their looks, but the working credibility of double sided tapes are just outstanding and enough to steal some points.


It is always a best kept secret of any project, be it for your school’s crafts or for covering any constructional work.


Whether you are splicing, mounting, bonding two objects or even laminating, these taps are your winner any day! They are way for efficient than the conventional rivets, glues or even screws.


Other than being economical and adhering quickly, these tapes don’t actually need any time to dry up!


Furthermore, it creates quite little mess when compared to other options. As you will hardly get to make any mess, so you can easily avoid the cleaning process well.


It further ensures to help vapor, water and air tight barriers. These tapes are mostly used in multiple sizes, solvent adhesive technologies and types. As these products are double sided, therefore; you have the most demanding uses of this item.


More about the tape:

This form of tape is primarily created by applying a thin layer of adhesive to each side of the carrier substrate materials. Also known as double coated or double faced tape the double sided tape is used widely by vast arrays of companies and industries.


The products are used for applications like holding, bonding, splicing, mounting and even for covering packaging usability.


Most of the time, the tapes are used for sticking around two surfaces together and in a way which isn’t visible in the end.


Therefore, it is used in-between the materials rather than overlaying upon. This form of specific application allows for better craftsmanship and neater look.


Sticking to every item well:

These double coated tapes can be used for sticking on thin and thick layers. The width can be in any size and sometimes coated with acrylic, rubber or even modified versions of differential properties.

  • The double sided tapes with the thick bonding can be used for bonding to some non-uniform, unusual or highly textured or pattern surfaces.
  • This form of bonding involves foam carrier layer and might vary in strength. The current thin bonding systems are thinner in nature and consist of pure adhesive on any silicone liner.


Just like with any other industrial item, choosing the best double sided tapes is mandatory for every individual. Go through the options available in the market and head for the one you like or want to use.


Ways these tapes are used:

These double coated tapes might not be that versatile like duct tape but do have some professional uses, which will go beyond mounting.


Even in the field of auto manufacturing, these tapes have been widely replacing fasteners and rivets for years now. The tapes are used for attaching everything right from car appliques to dashboards and more.


Even the RV or the truck manufacturers ensure to use double bonded tapes for fastening panels together, some exterior mirror glasses and more So, try using it now for better response.

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