What Is The Main Secret of SYPWAI’s Success?

SYPWAI is one of the most successful Neurosphere’s projects. The platform brings together companies and neural network developers who develop artificial intelligence. In 2018, the Neurosphere received a grant from the Lifeasapa Foundation, which helped to significantly improve technology and reach a new level of development. The Neurosphere developers continue to improve the system thanks to the constant flow of large amounts of data.

Today the platform has passed the beta testing stage and is in the preliminary Release candidate stage. This means that the Neurosphere project is already at the public testing stage, the users from all over the world can take part in it. The participants are ordinary people and the platform develops with their help, gaining momentum every day. The company gets the result, while people earn money.

What Makes SYPWAI Unique?

SYPWAI is one of the few teams that have developed a large-scale platform for studying restricted areas of the brain, tested and implemented in software. The company has developed and rethought everything possible, introduced new platforms and technologies to the market to stimulate the development of artificial intelligence. Self-driving cars, drones, mobile phones are just the tip of the iceberg, and it’s something that people use every day.

The project is unique because it provides new opportunities for the development of existing solutions, for example, intelligence. Usually, artificial intelligence technologies are an add-in for the finished product to improve it. For example, a famous Siri chatbot. As you know, it is not a separate app, but a technology integrated into Apple products. Big data, communication platforms, bots, automatization combined with smart computers can take home and office technology to the next level.

Creating successful products based on the use of artificial intelligence, robots or computer chess requires a special approach that combines deep learning and natural language processing stages. Solutions based on large amounts of data analysis and the subsequent search for patterns allow the machine to acquire the skills necessary to successfully complete the assigned tasks. Thus, the SYPWAI platform allows you to quickly train the product and expand its capabilities.

SYPWAI’s Popularity

Many people have already learned about this project. Investors believe in this promising startup, and that is why they are actively investing in its development. Nearly half of Fortune 500 companies use SYPWAI. More than 18 000 organizations and hundreds of thousands of data professionals around the world trust it. Thanks to AI, computers can learn from their own experience and quickly adapt to the parameters. Machines can easily cope with tasks that previously could only be completed by humans.

AI Development Potential

It is obvious that the use of AI provides a number of advantages: increased efficiency, ease of use, working time optimization, detection accuracy. Researchers from various companies predict very rapid development of artificial intelligence in the next 10 years. AI will soon appear in every area of human life. Given the pace of development, no one even doubts it.

SYPWAI is a core component for a new future.

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