What’s Behind the Success of Instagram? Why it Should Be a Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

The story of Instagram’s success is fascinating, and there are two big reasons behind this success.

One reason is the type of media IG deals with, and the next is the device Instagram is accessed and operated from.

Both make this a brilliant story to understand the working of the human mind and behavior and feel how the average internet user uses the internet, gets influenced, follows businesses, brands, etc., and acts according to what they see online.

Understanding the human mind, the average internet user’s trends and style of using and accessing things, and how the users react and interact on Instagram and other social media sites should be studied well to realize how you can make your online marketing efforts more effective.

Pinpointing online marketing at certain platforms like Instagram can make your social media marketing efforts effective and strong, and bring you result and traffic faster, and help in triggering your sales and e-commerce success.

The type of media Instagram deals with makes the difference

Instagram deals with only image sharing.

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You can share any image file on Instagram. And compared to facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and Google plus, which are leaders in social networking and sharing, Instagram’s feature to deal only in image files keeps it filtered as the image only social platform.

And more than all other forms of media, images stimulate and influence the human mind faster, better, and more effectively.

Hence the success of Instagram, for this reason, is obvious.

Another important reason Instagram is even a step ahead than it’s rival Pinterest is that Instagram helps you share whatever you want and share from your mobile directly.

But in Pinterest, you don’t share images from your desktop or mobile or personal album, and rather you use it as a picture curating service.

You pin any image you like while surfing the internet, which stays stored in your Pinterest profile, and that’s how Pinterest gets populated with images.

Hence there is a big difference in the role of the two sites, and Instagram stays ahead in helping you express your life, mood, emotion, world, cause, purpose, business, story, etc.

How Easily You Can Access Instagram

This makes another difference and keeps Instagram ahead of other social media sites.

You can take pictures directly through the Instagram app, and post it on batches of maximum 10 images in a post. You can also choose other pictures from your mobile and send it to the IG app instantly.

This is a very fast process. And this means you need not stop, pause, transfer the images to your laptop or desktop, and then post the pictures from the desktop site.

Since the mobile is the camera these days for the common man, and most people instead of finding a DSLR camera for capturing photo use their smartphones to do so, thus this mobile-based app will be used the most in instant sharing without having to depend on any other connecting tool or media.

With the Instagram app on your smartphone you have the power to share anything instantly before the global audience and get all the exposure you need with the right use of hashtags.

Hashtags Make Instagram Better

Instagram becomes a better place to share your images for the availability of this tagging feature which comes with the 30 hashtag limit of IG.

If your post revolves around Japanese food recipe, then you may use hashtags containing words like food, recipe, Japan, foodie, Asian cuisine, and a lot more, and every tag will be preceded by a hash sign.

This is how hashtags are used with a post.

And this makes the pot visible under that group which is denoted by the particular hashtag. All posts with the foodie hashtag will be found together on searching the word #foodie.

And the whole search and watch process goes on like this on Instagram.

This shows you how easy it is to target people with one kind of choice or preference using the relevant hashtags

The analyze feature in IG, which shows the viewer behavior on your posts, and which also shows which hashtags have what kind of demand is a specially useful tool of IG.

This helps you plan your tagging carefully and helps in better planned Instagram marketing.

You can even use Task Ant to help you find trending hashtags.

The Role of Likes In Instagram

The initial days of marketing on any social networking and sharing platform, right after opening an account, needs to be shortened through smart planning and tactics.

This is possible in the case of Instagram too.

The more likes and shares your posts get, the more exposure you will get because of the liked posts staying on top of other posts on that day with the same hashtags.

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Hence to get more likes is always beneficial in getting exposure faster on Instagram.

And that is why online marketers also take help of resources like VVSlikes which helps increase the number of real likes faster in a short time.

The more a post gets liked, the higher its chances of getting shared too, and the more it gets shared and liked, the more appreciation and eventually more followers you will get.

All this indicates success in online marketing the result of which brings traffic to your website.

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With all these reasons behind the success of Instagram, you can see why it’s such a popular social media sharing site, and how people go gaga about it.

The statistics of Instagram usage globally brings out very interesting points. Almost a billion users worldwide and most of the users active on IG below the age of 35 makes it a kind of youth icon site too.

Teenagers and youth are highly active, and women are more active than men here.

Social media marketing done on Instagram gets faster response and traffic to the site these days than other rival sites too, and hence its one of the hotspots for global online marketers.

The main formula to succeed on Instagram marketing is to understand the use of hashtags and gauge viewer behavior through a well-managed Instagram business account.

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