Strategies for Optimizing Your Instagram Page

Instagram is the world’s most popular social media platform, and its popularity is only growing more with time.


As a result,


a lot of business enterprises, which are not dealing with photo-driven motives and snazzy products are also getting involved.


For a lot of people, this generally means that the creativity levels have to be at a constant high level, but there are strategies involved which can help you to reach your destination quickly.


This article will illustrate to you


How you can create a solid business presence on Instagram

Instagram account

before you start thinking about the aspects of SEO into your strategy. The tips mentioned in this article will help you to take your business to the next level.


  • Start doing extensive keyword-based research on hashtags

This strategy will bring the more common search engine optimization techniques onto your network. Although Instagram is not a search engine by any means, it still has a functional search function.


The most popular mode of searching involves hashtags, i.e., keywords with the “#” in their front.


You must try to utilize hashtags which are getting the maximum search volumes and are yet relevant to the photos you post, to get high exposure.


The best thing about hashtags, unlike traditional keywords, is the fact that you will be able to add a lot of hashtags after you make your post.


You do not have to think about squeezing them all in or think about stuffing keywords; you can simply list the relevant hashtags after your post as that is completely acceptable.


With thousands of hashtags all around, it can get confusing for you to know which one is to be used for your posts. You won’t have any special planner software packages for Instagram to help you in determining the right hashtags.


Hence you have to determine by yourself which hashtags to use and which ones are most relevant and yet have not been used extensively.


You have also to remember that you can try and make your unique hashtag. A lot of big established brands have seen success with such hashtags.


You can try to grow your business a bit popular first, and then try creating a unique hashtag of your own.


  • Hold a lot of interactive contests with giveaway prizes

It is a common tactic in many social media platforms so there is a chance that you might have already tried this, but it is essential to mention it again as there are a lot of companies which do not offer any prizes on Instagram.


You have to remember that these prizes have the potential to make a prolonged journey and a long way in social media, so you have to invest some money in this and then get the contests going.


Many social media strategists suggest leveraging the giveaways to get a lot of new followers as a single prize giveaway can get your page thousands of new followers easily.


There are a lot of different and novel ways by which you can create contests on social media.


Thus, when it will come to Instagram, you have to remember that why it such a popular app among so many people in the first place.


Put your main focus on images and the relevant hashtags to draw more audience engagement.


For instance, you can ask your customers to post photos of things using hashtags which you have created, and the best picture will win and receive a prize.


  • Try to partner with various charity organizations

There are a lot of people who like to support those companies which are doing something good for their community.


Your business might not be helping directly, but you can still help them indirectly by just giving away some of your profits away to a nonprofit organization which is related in some way to your industry.


You can try creating a fundraiser for any special cause which you care about; you can send your employees on various community services’ trips and such things.


This is amazing for your business and your business website also but it will benefit your Instagram page a lot as the images will capture people’s imaginations.


It is important to note that you can do any partnership work for you if you can correctly use it properly.


You can partner with any complementary company and then ask them if they will share the posts you make and vice versa.


This can be a great option, so long as you have a large audience but are not competitors with each other.


  • Buy an already established Instagram account that has many followers

This is a truly unique idea that has been used by not too many brands and entrepreneurs.


It can work for some business when it is done properly, and it is something which you should consider trying too.


You have to buy the Instagram account of any person or company which already has a large number of dedicated followers.


This will help you by giving you an already established page and audience.


However, the only issue that you can face here is that the audience that is already established can be the wrong one for your particular brand.


So, you have to ensure that the audience is a varied one and is preferably from your niche.


By creating a solid Instagram presence, you can create a successful search engine optimization of your business website, when you link your website to your Instagram profile.


However, you will need to have more likes on your photos for this, visit to know how to get more likes.


Wrapping things up

Instagram is the most popular social media application today. It is imperative for business owners to use this platform wisely and extensively to expand their business. Hopefully, the information mentioned here will help you in doing this. Do not forget to make use of all the necessary tools available on the Internet.

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