How to spend your time with benefits for your study?

Education is the biggest asset you can ever give to your kids.
You cannot even quantify its value – it is priceless.

You may acquire wealth over time or lose everything in a day but you can never lose knowledge.

That is why government invests heavily in the education as the wellbeing of any economy is pegged on the quality and relevance of educational curriculums and that’s why university summer schools are designed in such a way that they not only empower students to achieve their objectives but also enable them to develop their logical and critical thinking skills.

Once students are subjected to university process, they start seeing things in different perspectives and become agents of change.

The main objective of higher education is not to churn out employees but to open up students’ minds so that they can see or make opportunities where there are none.

Empowered students can even use the acquired knowledge to assist their fellow colleagues who are struggling to write their academic papers by joining a company who is best essay writing service during your holiday university.

If you haven’t decided what to do during your school’s staff holidays, there are several things to do. Not all of them are useful or beneficial to your studies, in fact, some engage in things that they may regret later.

Why would you waste your precious vacation doing things that are detrimental both to your health and education?


You should consider doing one of the following during your high school summer camp.

  1. Volunteering

Instead of engaging in destructive things like drinking alcohol (read here how to reduce alcohol cravings) or substance abuse, you can instead study abroad over summer or volunteer to do things that are beneficial for the society.

For instance, you can join others in park cleaning days or engage in unblocking drainage systems or cleaning health facilities in your local town, etc.

If you love sports, you can volunteer as a local coach and train students in your local club.

Still, you can apply to join local companies as a volunteer to expose yourself to a working environment and get the much-needed networking that you may use while working.

  1. High school study exchange program

Learning should not be limited to lessons in high school in your country. Enrolling in summer programs for high school students is a perfect way of spending holidays.

One of the key benefits of vacation spent as a student summer abroad is that you will get an opportunity to taste foreign college life. You also get a chance to research courses that those colleges offer that might be interesting for you.

High school study exchange program

Some countries offer free summer programs for high school students to study abroad, meaning you can spend your whole academic year abroad or just during summer holiday vacations.

Either way, you get to learn in an environment different from yours whereby you make new friends. You may also in the process establish connections that will be with you through all your life.

Study exchange program is also an eye-opener as it exposes one to the future career paths by focusing on subjects that are geared to turning that dream into a reality.

  • Choosing a student exchange program

If you are planning to enroll for summer education programs, you should apply for the program you want early in the year by checking directories for summer learning programs offered by your institution.

While there are several high school abroad programs, if you just want a short course for summer, you should search for a specific course offered during the time.

Not every international summer program is academic-related as others are service oriented.

For this reason, you should not limit yourself to academics only and even as you choose your summer school programs, you can consider your vacation schedule.

  • Preparing for life abroad

Exchange student program requires advance preparations so as to meet set deadlines. Arrangements on where you will be staying if you do not like your school’s arrangement should also be considered. Host schools usually accommodate foreign students in their student’s homes.

Summer school abroad programs have guidelines on how you can communicate back home and thus you should read the guidelines well to avoid last minute surprises.

Through this study in summer hosting arrangement, the host family does not expect any payment from you but it might be reimbursed some money if European summer language programs are taken.


Preparing for life abroad

  1. Internship

If you are a university or college student, you can apply for an internship in organizations that seem interesting to you to work during your vacation and you should, in particular, choose college summer programs that are related to your course so as to get earlier job exposure before you can graduate.

This experience comes handy upon graduation when students are looking for a job. Companies prefer people who have been exposed to their operations rather than newbies with no prior knowledge.

  1. Enrolling for university summer programs

Most universities have staffs school holidays specifically made summer programs for kids.

If you are a student, you could be closer to finding a study help for an abroad course than you think because most universities have websites you can browse for such programs or you can visit their respective study abroad office for assistance.

If you are lucky, you will get a scholarship or financial aid for your abroad studies.

Just like in high school foreign exchange programs where chosen courses depend on vacation’s duration, abroad summer programs for universities should are dependent on the same too.

For your information, there are several summer study abroad programs offered; some are awarded competitively while others are dependent on summer school programs.

Below are some of the summer courses abroad scholarships that are offered:

  • Merit-based

These are specific to summer study abroad scholarships and are awarded to high achievers in academics, athletics as well as other exceptional abilities. Co-curricular activities and their records in the provision of community services are considered.

  • Student-specific

This means prequalification on the basis of gender, religion, race, family or medical situation is considered. It may also be based on other pre-set factors unique to respective universities.

  • Destination-specific

These are offered to students to take a course in a particular foreign college. Mostly, they are offered by the government as an incentive to study in specific countries instead of others.

  • Program-specific scholarships

These are offered by university’s associates abroad and in most cases are awarded depending on student’s performance record.

  • Subject-specific courses

Just like program-specific courses, these ones are offered by foreign colleges to students who are taking specific subjects or majoring in certain units. One is expected to enroll for the subject being offered or conduct a research on it.

Benefits of studying abroad during university holidays

  1. One of the reasons people prefer summer camps abroad is that it is a chance to visit a different country. You also can visit tourist attraction sites which you only see in maps or television programs.While abroad, it is also easier to visit neighboring countries that is partly made possible by bilateral agreements.For instance, if you visit France, you will be able to travel to other neighboring European cities such as Rome, London, Barcelona, etc.
  2. You get an opportunity to experience a different educational system because when you visit abroad, you are subjected to a different education system and in the process, you may learn new things that are not part of the course you are majoring in.
  3. When you visit abroad, you may find people speaking the different language than yours.Although it is difficult to learn a new language within such a short summer holiday, it is good to challenge yourself and see if you can learn it.Universities also have foreign summer language programs which you can enroll to immerse yourself fully into the new culture as that may also boost your employability chances.
  4. You may rediscover yourself when you move into a foreign country and find that you have certain talents which you didn’t know.For instance, if you have never been to a snowy country and you have visited one, you may be tempted to try out new sports such as hiking, skating, etc.

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