SMS Services That Offer More Than Most Expectations

Text messages, or SMS messages have been around for what feels like an eternity and because most people don’t actually use them any more to communicate with each other, it could be easy to think that they have been long forgotten, a thing of the past, outdated and not used anymore.

Reverse Your Thinking

Believe it or not, it’s actually quite the opposite, yes people don’t tend to use texts for ‘chit chat’ anymore and technology has moved on to things like social media however, there are so many social media platforms that it can be overwhelming, some people even ignore the notifications these days whereas a text is not something that they get all the time, with a txt, you can get somebody’s attention that much easier because they won’t be expecting to receive one as much as a platform that they use each day.

Why Use SMS?

You should already know how reliable SMS services are in terms of reaching people, as long as you have the correct number! SMS texting, messages are quick, inexpensive, and results can be reviewed really quickly with raw data. It’s quick and simple to set up and use and SMS program and it has an immediate impact on responses and sales opportunities.

SMS provides benefits over email and other forms of marketing. Text messaging has surpassed direct phoning in popularity while still allowing for a two-way personal discussion.

According to mobile squared, 90 percent of text messages are opened and read within three minutes of being received. That type of attention to marketing content is worth its weight in gold to any business wanting to grow!

What Is The Service Model for SMS Text Messaging?

Customers who opt-in to your services and supply a mobile phone number can be used as a communication and retail marketing medium (with permission). You may assign keywords, as well as a subset of keywords, to any single consumer in your database for numerous programmes conducted through service providers.

You may also divide these clients into categories based on their product or interest, for example. Contacts can then choose to receive particular communications from your company.

If you use an SMS module then you’ll find them small, straightforward and easy to use, simple to instal into your comms systems platform, allowing you to connect SMS into your current Comms solution and interact with clients and team members via inbox.

If a customer sends an SMS message to your corporate phone number, you may receive it and answer using your online smart mailbox.

What Are The Benefits?

For starters, here’s a brief summary of why you should utilise text messaging for business, followed by an additional explanation and some value-added services which add to the greatness of SMS marketing!

SMS has risen in popularity as a marketing tool; in recent years, firms have discovered a method to adapt and optimise SMS for usage as a service tool. Mostly due to its numerous benefits!

If you use SMS text messaging for your business then it can allow you to:

  • Boost customer retention.
  • Create more brand loyalty.
  • Allow for immediate communication.
  • Bring in new consumers.
  • Boost total sales.
  • Provide a profitable return on investment.

Reduce Your Overheads

SMS can be studied in great detail because it is digital data. Assuming you’ve efficiently separated your messages, such as service texts, promotion texts, news-related SMS, and so on. Then, all SMS messages delivered to your consumer may be formatted as follows: Store, Tracked, Analysed and Measured.

This level of analytical detail is also rather quick! Allows your marketing department to identify what’s working and simply leverage successes, adjusting messages until it’s optimal to acquire the most sales possibilities and the highest ROI.


Compared to other forms of marketing, such as billboards, this type of simple media saves time and allows for a more precise assessment of your campaigns impact. If you try and do a similar exercise with other marketing strategies such as billboards, TV commercials, or leaflet drops, you’ll probably find it harder to monitor and maintain – assess the true value for money. This form of simple media saves time and enables for a more accurate assessment of results/ROI.

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