6 Simple Tips for Safe Self Storage

Self storage is a modern solution for today’s homeowner, especially since most homes, apartments or condominiums now a days are being build to save space. You may want to seek self storage to increase the amount of room in your apartment, get rid of clutter, or keep your belongings safe as you travel. Self storage that will keep your valuables intact and in great condition is a critical aspect of the benefits that self storage offers. Follow these tips to make sure that your possessions get the safest possible storage, and you get peace of mind knowing that they will remain in perfect condition.

Find a storage solution with robust security

One aspect of safe storage is protection from thieves, and you need to find a storage facility in places like EZstorit that offers facilities with different types of security. Inspect your facility of choice for a strong fence, gate, keyless entry and professional security personnel guarding the entry points. Bright lights and video surveillance are also important; they will keep intruders at bay and provide evidence in the case of any event. Moreover, there should be multiple authorization techniques used to ensure that only you can access your self storage unit.

Climate-controlled storage units

Climate-controlled storage is a sure way to keep your possessions safe from the effects of the elements, such as extreme heat or moisture that could cause mildew growth, rusting, or fading. Be especially careful if you are storing art, high-value furniture, jewelry, or any other pieces that are sensitive to the elements. Most self storage facilities will offer some type of climate controlled units either for hot or cold climates.

Use vacuum-sealed bags

Store everything you can in vacuum seal bags to protect them from possible leaks, pests, and rodents. Vacuum bags can be especially useful in storing clothing, blankets, drapery, and pillows.

Get a reliable record of all the things before storing them

A record can be especially helpful if you have plenty of stuff or are planning to stack them high up. First off, label every box in a way that will not fade over time with the name of what is on it or a serial number. A map or description of every item will also help when you want to take out a specific item. Also, take the serial numbers of all your electronics. With such a list, it will be easier for you to make an insurance claim and will prevent accidents that may occur from constant removal digging around your unit.

Disassemble what you can

Disassembly of items such as wall units, stands, and some electronics can go a long way in keeping them safe during storage. This way, none of your items will suffer from compression damage. Ensure you bag the screws and fittings together and tape the bag shut.

Ensure that everything is absolutely dry

Some items such as fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers store water within them, which can leak into other possessions and cause significant damage. Defrost your refrigerators and drain your dishwasher carefully before storage. You should also avoid moving on rainy days as the slightest moisture can ruin your possessions.


Also, visit our favorite Ventura self storage units here. With these tips, you can be sure that you will get the most of your storage unit. You should also visit the unit at least once a month to stop any insect infestations or mold before it gets worse.

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