3 Signs of Poor Body Language Which You Should Avoid at Workplace

Poor body language gives a bad impression about you.

Generally, poor body language makes your presence unpleasant to others, but in serious environments like work place leads to worst scenarios.

Work place environment requires more attention to your body language and actions, employers may not like some employee’s attitude because of some killer body language signs , if it exceeds the comfort zone limit , then it could lead to losing your job position.

Employees need to pay good amount of attention towards their attitude and body language at work, bad impressions and misunderstandings can easily occur in such cases, and the last thing you need to face in work place is misunderstandings and obstacles.

In order to make workplace a better environment to enroll in, we need to concentrate on some body languages which we must avoid in work place and in life generally.

Here are the worst body language mistakes to avoid at workplace:

  1. Avoiding Direct Eye Contact

Look me in the eyes! Is what we commonly hear whenever we talk or discus with someone, because basically avoiding eye contact is kind of provocative in some cases.

The same applies in work place; it gives a bad impression about you. Avoiding eye contact can be a signal of a lack of confidence or knowledge and trustworthiness about your subject matter- which is certainly unprofessional at any work environment.

If you’re a really shy person, you can at least make a direct eye contact for three seconds while you’re making a point, direct eye contact makes you more connected to your audience and even with a single individual you’re discussing with.

  • The more confident you act the more your points are taken into consideration, eye contact means power.
  1. Being Too Attached to your Cellphone

This is one of the worst mistakes employees must avoid. Keeping your cell phone in sight during meetings or even in front of you to check the time every while is considered a disrespectful move. This move sends a bad message to others, it makes them think they’re not important and your cell phone is more interesting.

Even if you want to check the time during meetings or during any conversation with your colleague, use your watch instead of your cell phone; give the employee or your employer an impression that you respect their time and their existence.

  • This is one of the worst technology development consequences, most of us are extremely attached to out cell phone that we no more define whether it’s a suitable time to use it or not, we need to put more focus on our real life goals instead of being tangled to our devices like prisons of technology.
  • Some companies have made a special law regarding the use of cell phones, and they automatically block social media application from operating while connected to the company network.
  1. Lack of facial expressions

Blank faces are not preferable. Lacking facial expressions makes people think you’re bored and not interested in what they’re saying, especially if you also look down while they’re talking to you.

Some important facial expressions are actually easy to practice while discussing any matter, like raising your eyebrows, nodding your head and leaning forward, these simple expression means you’re interested.

Facial body expressions can either make positive of negative differences in the work place, concentrate on making a positive respectful facial expressions, in order not to make your prescience pleasant instead of making it un-preferable.

  • Positive face expressions make work place happier and more productive.
  • Some people would rather change their current jobs because of the negative environment they work in, if you seeking another great opportunity, make sure you make a research about the company you’re applying to, big companies usually cares about the mental comfort of their employees.
  • In order to join a respectful company and a health work environment, you should only apply through secured and authorized online job websites like Joblang; it offers many great job opportunities to enroll in.

Body language is a great aspect in making work place a happier place. Too much negative body language and negative employees makes it harder to produce and tolerate long working hours, you can’t be very productive while you’re not feeling comfortable and surrounded by negative attitudes and body language signs.

Make sure you always act respectfully and always offer positive attitude, practice great body language signs which makes your prescience loveable as well as being aware of not giving too much body language which can lead to awkward signs.

Make it balanced and create a valuable impression about both your work attitude and your personality.

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