Seven Survival Tips For New Nurses

Being a nurse is not an easy profession. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work. More often new nurses gets anxious about doing things right and starting the new career on the new foot.


According to a report published by johns Hopkins school of nursing researchers in the year 2007, new nurses, especially those working in hospitals find the first year of their career the toughest.


Some of the reasons are that the nursing practice is quite complex.


This is as a result of transfer of medicine responsibilities to nursing. The other reason is that the sickest patients are found in hospitals thus nurses need good clinical judgment and the ability to recognize when a patient needs immediate intervention.


Therefore, the following 7 survival tips for new nurses’ survival are important to be considered.


  • Find a mentor

It is important for nurses to find a mentor by themselves in the case where the hospital they are working for do not provide one. They can practice silent mentorship by observing closely a nurse they admire and learn from how they go about their work. The other way is mentorship through verbalizing their wish for a mentor to the nurse by question.



  • Ask questions

Most of the time, nurses deal with life or death situations and they don’t want to put patient’s safety in danger. New nurses have a lot to learn and the best way is asking questions no matter how dumb it may seem.


It is worth noting that managers and co-worker would rather have them ask questions than do work incorrectly. Asking questions also helps new nurses to remember information longer and more accurately.


  • Listen to patients:

Patients know their bodies than a nurse may be aware of them thus no matter how expert they are, listening to patients remains a crucial. Nurses may miss a critical symptom with their patient’s illness if they to listen to them carefully.


  • Be assertive:

New nurses my feel isolated due to their inexperience. It is therefore important to build on confidence but at the same time ask questions from those who are more experienced in the case where you need assistance.


Remember that patients draw their strength from nurses thus they have to express confidence even if they doubt themselves. This trick will also avoid belittling nurses’ expertise if they express an assertive attitude.


  • Taking care of themselves:

No matter how busy a nurses’ shift is, they should not deny themselves food, drink or time for personal car. Nurses at times tend to sacrifice all of them forgetting that their well being reciprocates to well being of their patients as they are needed to take care of them.


Therefore, nurses should make sure that they have time for family, friends, hobbies and travel for these do wonders when it comes to personal fulfiment.


  • Invest in shoes and clothes:

Nurses walk a lot in their entire duration of nursing career. A comfortable cloth and fitting pair of shoes ends up being their best friends. A comfortable and durable shoe serves them over a long duration and the feet remains healthy. Ill-fitting shoes cause lower back pain and feet pain.


  • Do not complain about everything

Working together with a co-worker who complains incessantly is an energy drainer. Nurses ought to keep off from complaining about everything for it makes teammates to label them negatively.


Instead, they should be collaborative team players and offer to pitch in, volunteer and be willing to help when things get hectic.


It is important for nurses to remember that they are all sailing in the same boat thus do not have to kill mood of others by complaining unnecessarily.


Being a nurse means touching lives of others from the day they are born to the last moments of their lives. The first year of nursing is tough but manageable with the right mind set. The above are just a few survival tips for new nurses but the key ones are pacing themselves, being thorough and communicating.


Nurses ought to be proud of their careers because as soon as they start their first career, they launch the chance they have to save lives. They also need integrate the advice obtained in their new job and sure enough, they will be fully baked and seasoned nurses sooner than expected.

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