Reviews and Ratings of Companies in the UAE

Whether you a looking for an authoritative company in the UAE for your business plans or entertainment, you could be confused because of a large number of local companies in every industry. It is difficult to make a choice depending only on advertisements, which frequently exaggerate the company’s advantages.

Therefore, the most trustworthy way to discover the truth about a certain facility and its services is to read reviews written by real clients.

Reading honest reviews will help you to find a respectable company in the UAE with appropriate service, which can satisfy your expectations.

The best platform in the United Arab Emirates, which offers you the possibility to leave your own reviews or ratings and familiarize yourself with others, is UAE agency Feedback ( The number of reviews of different companies is enormous. So, the use of this platform is a very convenient method for all locals and tourists to find a perfect facility and not waste time and money.

In addition to reviews, the Feedback platform provides a rating system. Ratings are great for those who do not want to spend time reading reviews but want to discover the quality level of a definite facility. Depending on the rating, it is possible to make some resolutions.

On the Feedback platform, you can find reviews and ratings of diverse categories of companies in the United Arab Emirates:

  •  Restaurants and bars
  •  Beauty
  •  Electronics and technology
  •  Events and entertainment
  •  Shopping and fashion
  •  Sports
  •  Banks and insurance
  •  House and garden
  •  Vehicles and transport
  •  Utilities
  •  Travel and recreation
  •  Business services
  •  Education and training
  •  Health and medicine
  •  Legal services
  •  Services for home

Of course, the list of business industries can be expanded.

Feedback has a simple review structure, which includes the number of “stars,” the list of pros and cons, and the individual impression of a writer. Furthermore, the Feedback platform is a unique website, where you can not only read reviews but communicate and find new friends.

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