Retail Container Homes Made from Steel Conex Boxes

There is an amazing new market trend out there that brings recycling to a whole new level. Conex containers are being used more than ever to build everything from office buildings, all the way to actual homes.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how retail container homes made from steel conex boxes can be a great valued addition when it comes to your house.

If you need proof, there have even been homes in other countries valued at over a million dollars that are entirely made of Conex boxes (used as the primary material for construction).

The Underground Market

For an example here, you can use weather and waterproof tight material in order to build the perfect modular, dual level, or underground home. By using conex boxes properly, these homes can be literally set in the ground so you can have the protection of both the land, and solid steel to ensure the ultimate safety and privacy of your home and create your very own cozy den.

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Why Are They Convenient?

Well for starters, you already have the luxury and convenience to choose insulated material right off the bad to increase the efficiency of your home. By pairing it with things like solar panels, you can in fact make your shipping container home completely self-efficient, and normally they can be grounded easily for safety. On top of this, they are extremely cheap, and super strong so you can’t match the durability with just plain tin siding and material. They can provide an excellent and attractive design piece that can complete your home and make it a great conversation starter.

Tiny Houses

Shipping containers are amazing when it comes to using them to build high quality “tiny homes” which have been growing in popularity just since the year 2018. This new concept literally has everything you need packed into one tidy little space, but by using a conex box shipping container, you can easily make one that has plenty of room. But that’s not all they’re limited to.

Iron Mansions

There have been numerous homes that have popped up on the market in countries like Australia that are made entirely of raw materials and shipping containers. These homes have been valued at over a million dollars, but were built for literally only a fraction of the cost. That alone makes conex boxes a great addition to your own personal real estate market when it comes to a return on investment.

Conclusion and Where to Buy

When you’re looking for an excellent source for material, or just a general prefabricated home, you can easily look to conexes for making the process easier.

A common question though is “Where can I find them online?”. Well, the answer is sites like

Shipping Container Sale is an online marketplace where you can literally find any Conex box and shipping container to match your needs in order to use for home creation, as well as many other purposes.

They have many styles and options available, as well as the ability to find storage containers in any size you need that are local, or even available to have shipped to you from overseas.

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