Innovative Features to Have in Restaurant POS Systems

The point at which entrepreneurs calculate the amounts owed by their customers, receive payment and print out invoices is becoming more technological with time.

We are moving away from the conventional cashier systems of the past just like we already moved from the traditional line and counter systems.

Today, tablets act as the point of sale systems for restaurants and offer patrons scroll-down menus and diversified payment options.

The order is processed, and the customer leaves satisfied with the fast service.

Ultimately, restaurants can serve more customers per night. Yours should be one of the restaurants using the tabletop e-waiter and checkout system.

Automation is quickly phasing out the traditional way, through which people experienced restaurant dining, via POS systems.

According to a study by the National Restaurant Association, 40 percent of adult diners would use a smartphone if it were offered in a quick service restaurant.

32 percent of the respondents in the study claimed that they would use a wireless payment option if it were offered by a full-service restaurant.

That is why restaurant owners and managers are making concerted efforts to procure POS systems that provide the most automation in hospitality operations such as booking, receipting diversifying payment options, accounting and inventory tracking.

Such POS software must have particular POS software that will also enhance and boost the quality of customer experience that you create.

The following are some innovative features that you should ensure feature in your POS systems and other technological devices procured to advance your hospitality business prospects:

Restaurants going the tech-savvy way need an online presence. They need to create online ordering platforms on their websites and POS systems.

Restaurants doing this are already enjoying higher revenues, more accurate orders and efficient data-tracking perks. Customers can reserve tables remotely or just request deliveries from the comfort of their residences.

Plus, it also helps to avoid the pitfalls of broken communication that is most commonly experienced when folks try ordering via voice calls.

Companies like Uber also allow restaurants, who lack delivery infrastructure, to serve their customers via UberEats.

Restaurant aggregators Swiggy, Zomato and a few more also allow restaurants, who lack delivery infrastructure, to serve their customers via their vendor platforms or even via White-labelled softwares.

This in turn will  be beneficial for all three, the customers where they will get amazing discounts through Zomato Coupons, Swiggy Offers and other promotions.

The restaurant owners where they can use the system and get enough online exposure which will increase the sales and the companies which earn the commissions.

  • Automated Inventory Tracking

This POS feature is way more efficient and helps you avoid having to stash stacks of paper in the backroom. It facilitates you in conducting a better and faster menu planning.

It also proves helpful in tracking the inventory. Therefore, you benefit from identifying fast and slow-moving products on your menu and in your store.

It boosts your accounting operations and sharpens your business acumen just because standard POS systems are guaranteed to help with inventory management.

  • Scheduling programs

Scheduling reservations can be made easier with standard POS systems.

The restaurants can place a waiter at the door to receive expected guests and inform unscheduled guests whether there is space or not. The software can also send out messages inquiring about cancellations.

  • Mobile Ordering

Point of Sale systems for restaurants is getting integrated into mobile technology. A quickly rising following of people are using their Smartphone’s to order their meals, coordinate deliveries and pay.

  • Social Media Follow Ups

Most restaurant POS systems keep professional tabs on restaurants’ friendly and accommodating clientele. They have features that make it easier for you to befriend them on Facebook.

Whenever their clientele orders food via Facebook, that order becomes as a valuable marketing referral.

In fact, this social media platform is considered a key asset in the restaurant game since 2012, and nearly 100 percent of owners were claiming to be on Facebook by 2013.

A POS provider who program software that integrates Facebook interactions wins loyalty from clients.

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