Reliance Jio Monsoon Hungama Exchange Offer

Jio recently announced and rolled out another plan called ‘JioPhone Monsoon Hungama.’


As a major aspect of this plan, Reliance Jio is putting forth mobile telephones users to trade their current gadget – which should be in working condition, among different determinations – to get a JioPhone by paying a measure of Rs. 501, as indicated by the telecom organization’s website –


Without the trade offer, the JioPhone gadget is accessible at Rs. 1,500, as indicated by Reliance Jio. Dependence Jio – whose subscriber base was at 215.3 million as of June 30, 2018 – had propelled 4G-empowered element telephone JioPhone in 2017.


Jio has multiplied its client base and most client measurements over the most recent a year, Reliance Industries executive Mukesh Ambani has said. Dependence Jio Infocomm is the telecom arm of combination Reliance Industries.


Here are five things to think about Reliance Jio’s most recent offer – Monsoon Hungama

Jio Phone


  1. What is Reliance Jio Monsoon Hungama offer?

Monsoon Hungama is a joined offering of a JioPhone at viably Rs. 501 and a 6 months great voice and data revive of Rs. 594,” Reliance Jio said in its announcement.


That implies a client choosing the trade offer will be required to present his or her current mobile telephone and pay a total of Rs. 1,095 to get the new JioPhone alongside great voice and data for a half year.


The client will be required to pay the measure of Rs. 594, well beyond the Rs. 501 for the trade, “at the season of enactment,” as indicated by Reliance Jio.


Extra benefits will incorporate “an uncommon trade reward of 6GB data voucher, worth Rs. 101”, it noted. This takes the aggregate data to 90 GB more than a half year, it said.



  1. The amount you pay to get JioPhone under Monsoon Hungama trade offer?

Under the Monsoon Hungama trade offer, Reliance Jio’s JioPhone gadget will be accessible to customers at a stable price of Rs. 501, as indicated by an announcement by the organization.


The measure of Rs. 501 is a security store that is refundable, as indicated by Reliance Jio. This Rs. 501 is the sum paid by the client to profit the trade offer by presenting a qualified mobile telephone.


Toward the finish of three years, Reliance Jio will discount the 100 for each penny security store “along these lines making the JioPhone successfully FREE,” as indicated by the telecom organization.

Jio Monsoon Hungama Offer


  1. How to benefit Reliance Jio Monsoon Hungama trade offer? Which telephones will be qualified for trade?

The Monsoon Hungama trade offer can be benefited immediately at Reliance Jio retail locations. The trade is relevant to “old 2G/3G/4G (non-VOLTE)” telephones, as indicated by Jio. The client is additionally required to present a charger alongside the current gadget.


Dependence Jio said the accompanying five prerequisites for a handset to be qualified for the trade offer:


The mobile telephone must be in working condition “with no harm/missing parts or broken/consumed parts.”


Mobile telephones acquired by the client after January 1, 2015, are qualified for trade.


Any 2G, 3G or 4G (non-VoLTE) gadgets are qualified to be acknowledged for trade. VoLTE is an innovation that empowers voice calls and additional data to be brought through a typical system.


“JioPhone or any CDMA or administrator bolted gadgets won’t be acknowledged for trade,” as indicated by Reliance Jio.


Aside from battery and charger, no different adornments, for example, earphone are required for trade.


  1. Would you be able to utilize your current mobile SIM?

Mobile number portability

Customers are buying the JioPhone gadget – either by paying the measure of Rs. 1,500 or by paying Rs. 501 as a component of the trade offer – will get another SIM, as indicated by Reliance Jio.


The client can likewise hold his or her current mobile number by deciding on a mobile number portability (MNP) service. Mobile number versatility refers to a facility that empowers a telecom subscriber to change to another service supplier without changing the mobile number.


The client can benefit the Reliance Jio Monsoon Hungama trade offer after the culmination of the MNP procedure, Reliance Jio clarified.


  1. Are there any different telecom plans to be utilized with JioPhone?

Dependence Jio has presented a third plan – priced at Rs. 99 – to its current policies intended to be utilized with JioPhone. While the current methods to be used with JioPhone were priced at Rs. 49 and Rs. 153, the most recent plan is priced at Rs. 99.


Jio Plans

  • 99 JioPhone plan

Among different benefits, the Rs. 99 plan accompanies benefits, for example, 0.5 GB data for every day for a validity period of 28 days (add up to fast data benefit of 14 GBs), as per Reliance Jio.


Different benefits incorporate free voice calls and 300 SMSes for the whole validity period.


  • 49 JioPhone plan

Dependence Jio’s most reasonable plan for JioPhone is priced at Rs. 49. This plan accompanies an aggregate rapid data benefit of 1 GB for a validity period of 28 days. While voice calls are free, much the same as all Jio plans, this pack enables the subscribers to send 50 SMSes free of cost amid the validity period, as per the Jio website.


  • 153 JioPhone plan

Dependence Jio’s JioPhone plan priced at Rs. 153 gives the subscriber 42 GBs of rapid data with a day by day point of confinement of 1.5 GBs, among different benefits. This plan accompanies a validity period of 28 days.


In each of the three plans, data proceeds at an amended speed of 64 Kbps once the client debilitates as far as possible on the amount of fast data allowed, as per the Jio website.

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