The Pros and Cons of An Online Therapy Chat

Therapy is becoming increasingly popular as mental health awareness becomes the norm. With social media and stressful environments, there are many dangerous mental health disorders found in teenagers and adults. The world around us threatens our mental health. We must find someone trustworthy that we can rely upon.

Many people turn to therapists, licensed counselors, and support groups. These people are trained in mental health discussions and mindful techniques that can help people overcome their symptoms. However, some people do not have the time or the means to meet with professionals. In those cases, an online therapy chat can help.

Chat rooms and chat messaging have been around for many years. In recent years, online therapy chats have become helpful. There is more to learn about online chat rooms that can assist us in improving and sustaining our mental health.

What is Online Therapy?

VeryWellMind describes online therapy best: “Online therapy, also known as e-therapy, e-counseling, teletherapy, or cyber-counseling, involves providing mental health services and support over the internet.”

Online therapy can include video calls, online chat rooms, text messaging, and phone calls. Many people use online therapy as a replacement for meeting in person. Back in the day, going to a therapist’s practice for an allotted time or meeting in a hospital was the only way to receive therapeutic care.

What are the Advantages of Chatting Online?

Safety Through the Pandemic

With memories of the pandemic fresh on our minds, it is easy to see the advantages of chatting online with a therapist. Online therapy became the preferred method that protects both the professional and the patient. As we have slowly moved forward, many still rely on chatting for the same reasons.

Online therapy allows patients to speak with someone even when they aren’t feeling well. This allows them to still get the care they need while recovering from a physical ailment. For homebound people, this is also a convenient option.

It Is Convenient and Comfortable

We live in an extremely fast-paced society. It can be hard to find time to seek out a therapist and commit to multiple sessions for an hour or longer. Therapy chat rooms allow individuals to reach a therapist quickly and at most times during the day.

In other ways, people may feel intimidated by in-person therapy sessions. They may feel unsure of their surroundings or confused about the process. To many, the idea of talking to a licensed professional from their home feels comfortable and safe.

What are the Disadvantages of Chatting Online?

Not As Personable

When you are in the same room with another, you can make a more personable connection. Each individual can read the other’s body language and facial expressions. In many cases, seeing each other can bring a sense of calmness to the patient. However, you do not get this personable feeling with online chatting. There may be a communication breakdown because you can not see each other, and you do not know the inflection of the voice.

Not Available for All Mental Health Concerns

Those experiencing concerns, such as stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and similar mental health concerns can rely on online chatting. However, those with more serious mental health disorders may need a more traditional approach. Examples may include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, etc. Some mental health disorders require that a therapist sees their patient face-to-face. This allows the professional to gauge more about the patient.

Is It For You?

Depending on your mental health concern, the availability in your area, and your comfort level online therapy chatting may be for you! It’s best to talk to a licensed professional about this option before committing solely online.

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