How the Preparation of Civil Services Prelims Exam Differs to Mains

UPSC civil services exam is comprises of three steps, in the first step there is a prelims exam for the sake of screening. Second step is mains exam in which students have to write descriptive papers. In the final step interview for civil services exam is conducted by UPSC.


IIIASA, IAS coaching institute Jaipur gives every help to students throughout all three stages of the exam. The preparation of Prelims exam is different to that of mains in many aspects. But it does not mean that prelims and mains exam of IAS do not have any relation to each other.


Here are some points which illustrate the need of different preparation for both prelims and mains.


  • Different Pattern of Prelims and Mains Exam

Prelims exam of civil services exam is further sub-divided into CSAT and general studies. CSAT is an aptitude test of the aspirant and only of qualifying nature.


On the other hand general studies paper of prelims contains all the section like current affairs, general awareness of important happening across globe.


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Talking about the mains exam, it is descriptive type which checks the analysis and critical interpretation skills of the students on important topics.


Though syllabus of prelims and mains resembles to each other at many points but students have to increase the skills of critical analysis for mains.


Best civil services exam coaching centre in Jaipur that is IIIASA provides help to the students in understanding the different pattern of prelims and mains. Students are making their career towards success in IIIASA.


  • Preparation of Optional Subject in Mains

Mains exam of civil services is comprises of seven papers and two more compulsory paper of English and a regional constitutional language.


Compulsory papers are of qualifying nature while in other seven students have to make good deal. Seven papers include four of general studies that require students to read about economy, history, polity, geography etc. Other two papers are of optional subject and one full paper is devoted to essay.


Students have a choice to choose optional subject for their mains exam. This is the point they have to choose the subject very carefully. No such optional subject is there in prelims exam, where all the students have to undergo same questions.


Best IAS academy Jaipur which is IIIASA is helping students throughout the preparation of their mains exam to crack IAS.


  • Practice of Writing Fast to Complete the Time Consuming Lengthy Papers of Mains

Preparation of civil services mains exam not only requires students to keep their concept clear and their critical analysis, but writing practice also.


Each paper of mains exam is time taking in which students are supposed to first understand the question and then writing on it.


For this purpose they fasten their writing speed along with preparation. On the other hand no such writing practice is required to prepare for the prelims exam of UPSC.


IIIASA coaching institute in Jaipur help students to cope up with all these issues. Students can take Hindi and English medium IAS coaching very easily in different classes to prepare in the language of their comfort.


Importance of Concept Clearance for Mains exam

Prelims exam do not demand from students to apply their critical skills on topics to analyze them.


On the contrary, a main exam of civil services is solemnly depends upon the perspective of students in major arenas.


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As a consequence of which students are supposed to clear the concepts in depth and also to think on them critically. Here your personality will be checked indirectly by the exam.


You cannot to clear the main exam without developing the skill of critical analysis of things in a good way. IIIASA coaching academy prepares students to crack both prelims and mains by making the concepts on topic, clear to students.


At the same time give some tips to perspectives those concepts in critical manner. Students learn many different things from our professors which help them in the exam.

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