Is Premarital Sex good or Bad? Sex Before Marriage?

An increasing number of youthful Filipinos are engaging at premarital sex, with the majority of women having their Sexual debut in their boyfriends & houses, a report of the UN Population Fund.

The Commission on Population indicates. The report, entitled State of. The Population Report, 2nd Issue, shows the Popular place for sexual introduction of young Filipino females in urban areas are their partners & houses, and for men, hotels or motels.

For people in the rural areas, the favorite places are beaches, farms or parks. Data suggest that boys are more adventuresome than women as the former recognized the class room among the venues for their first encounter.


Sex before marriage

The office may also be the location of these encounters, marginally more so for women than for boys, the report says. The report has been based on The Young Adult Fertility Survey-3 where approximately 20, 000 youths aged 15 to 24 were both interviewed.

The survey indicates an increase in PMS incidence from 18% in 1994 to 23 percent in 2002 or two from 10 young Filipino adults.

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Ninety four percent of people who’d undergone PMS confessed they were Unwilling and unprepared to get parents.

Sex becomes dangerous when done by people who’re physiologically and emotionally ill prepared for its effects.

And early sex among youth is much riskier, The study states. The study reveals that while Premenstrual syndrome Prevalence is much higher among young Filipino males, their female counterparts are gradually catching up.

It notes that in 1994, the Premenstrual syndrome prevalence rates for young Filipino females and males were 26 and 10 percent, respectively.

The prevalence rates have risen to 31 percent for males, and 16 percent for women. As a general observation, the analysis says, Once one gets initiated into it, a repeat with.

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The same partner or with another is the majority of likely. For many, the first sexual experience.

Was a spontaneous event, the study says. For approximately 50 percent of the young adults interviewed, premarital sex was Something they did not plan to occur at that time, but they went along with it anyway.

For many individuals, adolescence is a healthful transition period from childhood to adulthood through which time they acquire knowledge, values and skills which may benefit them now and in.

The future. Highlighted in this lifestyle is sexual improvement that is a normal part of adolescence, The study says.

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