Action packed Pakistan Super League is here

Finally its time to take-out our beloved PSL T-Shirts once again! Alhamdulillah

Pakistan is a country with as many social, religious and economic issues as one couldn’t even imagine. This nation might fail to agree on the same page of politics, language or sect, but one thing which never fails to reunite all, is CRICKET. Nothing could beat the charisma of cricket in Pakistan. This game has forever been a source of extreme joy and patriotism in people.

Pakistan Super League, PSL is no unknown to anyone. It is a reminder of what it feels like to be united as a nation. It reminds us how people belonging to different sectors and sects of life get together on one ground to hope for the same thing and find happiness, memories and dreams in things as simple as 20-over match.



Ab Khail Jamaygaa 2018!


The most amazing time of the year is finally back again and we couldn’t thank enough for all the good vibes around. PSL’18 is running into us almost like Shoaib Akhtar running into Indian batsmen, and we are loving it.

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The biggest cricket festival of the year is just around the corner and the cricket fanatics are already over the moon. All the screenings, partying, pre- and post-match analyzing are all set to serve this national cricket mania. The nation has found the ultimate solace in this one of its own kind of event. What adds more life to it are the many perks we enjoy during all this series.

This year the festival is going to be bigger yet again, as always. Here is a look to what we are all going to enjoy throughout this ultimate Cricket Festival in Pakistan.


Multan Powers the Game

PSL begin in 2016 with five teams; Karachi Kings, Quetta Gladiators, Islamabad United and Peshawar Zalmi and Lahore Qalandar. But this year they are going to be the super six. A new franchise named Multan Sultans is going to get in the game, this season of the league. People from multan are very excited and buying Multan Sultan shirt while they are expecting some legit excitement from this team and looking forward to a game as good as their sohn-halwa.

Pakistani Super League




Lala for Karachi

Shahid Khan Afridi aka Lala was previously the part of Peshawar Zalmi but this season Lala for the king!

Shahid Afridi has been a gem of Pakistani Cricket over the years. His signature trademark “BOOM BOOM” itself speaks his history. This mad-pakhtoon is a Karachite and thus was on high demand for the Karachi team. Considering him the captain of Karachi King, karachites are looking forward to bring the cup to the city.

Shahid Afridi

Final in the CITY OF LIGHTS

Since its launch PSL has been happening is United Arab Emirates, but now the officials are going to organize the final match in Karachi. The first paly-off will be going to take place in Dubai and Sharjah and the final power-packed game would come to the city of lights.

National Stadium Karachi, one of the oldest and established stadiums of the country is hosting this highest profile game. Karachites are so damn excited to have this one heck of an event in their city.

Pakitani Ground

So gear up to get them amazing PSL shirts by online shopping and let the madness begin!

Not only for the cricket lovers, this whole PSL thing is a big source of family reunion for the people of Pakistan. We totally love all the match screening with friends and family. PSL season is one heck of a party season for everyone. There is this continuous excitement and enthusiasm running throughout the event. All those treats and bets are the best part of the game and are totally worth the while.

This PSL event is kind of a good news for all the cricket lovers in the country because in past few years the law and order situation of the country has affected the many sports activities that used to take place in the homeland. People are delighted to have this fortunate event as a source of comeback for the long lost cricket and sports madness in the country.

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