Online Payment Methods That Actually Work in India

These days, a larger percent of the world’s population makes money online. One way or the other, from e-commerce stores, to online course tutelage, freelancing, digital marketing, content strategy, or any form of business. If then we have an increasing number of online businesses, then there is a necessity for online payment platforms as well. In a time where people do business without necessarily having to see the other party physically, reliable, safe, and client-friendly payment systems are very much needed.

Thankfully, several brands are now existing to make this very easy for business owners and online income earners.

Below Is A List of Some Online Payment Methods That Are Very Much Popular Amongst Indian Residents Today:

1. AstroPay

AstroPay is arguably one of the most popular online payment methods for the residents of India. It is one of the fastest-growing payment systems emerging in the business world today. AstroPay affords users different alternative methods of paying in their local currency like Cash Payments, Credit Cards, Online Banking, and several others. This multifacet function of AstroPay makes it the go-to payment option for all Indian residents. The AstroPay prepaid card can also be used at international websites dealing with online gambling and AstroPay casinos have become increasingly popular as a way of offering hassle free transactions to offshore casino operators. AstroPay is not only available in India but also in all of Latin America and 10 other countries.

2. PayPal

PayPal currently has over 305 million active users worldwide which also includes a large number of Indian residents. It is available in 202 countries and allows users to withdraw funds in over 56 other currencies. Apart from the fact that it is free to use and doesn’t require a subsequent subscription plan, users can connect a PayPal account to as many debit and credit cards as possible.

There’s also the zero-balance feature that allows for online purchase provided it has been connected to a functioning bank account, even if the PayPal balance is zero.

3. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is another popular online payment method common amongst Indian residents and across the world. This giant online payment brand makes it possible for users to access multiple numbers of online sites with one account. It is easier and accessible to set for both large businesses and small-scale enterprises. One striking feature is its ability to offer refunds, unlike other online payment platforms.

4. Stripe

The stripe online payment method is quite similar to Amazon Pay and widely used by Indian residents. This paying method is particularly common and useful to business owners with employees. It is designed with business intelligence that is based on SQL. Virtual and Physical cards and be created for employee expenses. Indians specifically use it for its advanced fraud-management tools known as the Stripe Radar.

5. Netbanking

This is a popular term in India used to identify all the sole internet banks that are available in the Indian business market. These days, Indians allow customers to pay for transactions via their preferred and trusted bank system. As soon as there is a checkout, the client is redirected to their specific banks, asked to confirm payment and the funds are eventually transferred to the business owner’s bank account.

6. Visa Card

Visa Card is one of the most common online payment methods in the world today and it is common in India as well.  It is a credit card brand and allows for both online and fast point-of-sale payments. It is currently available in over 170 countries asides from India.

7. Master Card

The master card online payment platform is probably the most prominent and dominant in the world today as well. It has a very high usage rate amongst Indians and currently supports over 150 currencies. The master card also has an estimate of about 35 million acceptance locations in approximately 210 countries both online and even at point-of-sale.

8. MobiKwik e-Wallet

This is another popular mobile wallet system in India. It is often used for online bill payments, mostly insurance and utilities. It is also popular amongst residents for making in-app purchases and airtime top-ups.

9. UPI

This is fully known as Unified Payments Interface. It is specifically developed for the Indian residents by the National Payments Corporation of India to enable and simplify inter-bank transactions, locally and via the online space. It is also an instant payment system for other business transactions.

10. RuPay PaySecure

This is one of the fastest-growing paying methods amongst Indian residents today. It is very much popular amongst the residents because it helps with very easy online debits, payments of reservations within and outside the country, ticketing, infrastructure booking for political and domestic conferences and meetings, and online shopping as well.

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