All You Need To Know About Oculus Rift vs Oculus Go


At the point when the Oculus Rift consumer version virtual reality headset was first released in March 2016, it appeared close by a compact option: the Samsung Gear VR. One required only a Samsung smartphone, while the other required a completely perfect PC. At the time, the distinctions in innovation and general experience made the Oculus Rift (or even better, the HTC Vive) the VR headset we’d prescribe inevitably.


Oculus Rift vs. Oculus Go : A Brief

In any case, with the declaration of the new independent VR headset, the Oculus Go, which can be used to see many online movies and clips in virtual reality or can be used to do online gaming, we’ve needed to go back and reevaluate whether a portable setup can really contend with the energy of a PC-empowered headset.


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In this no holds barred correlation of the Oculus Rift versus Oculus Go, we’ll analyze Oculus’ two leader virtual reality offerings to see whether you have to pay for a top of the line gaming PC and the higher cost of the standard Rift, or if the new Go headset offers enough without anyone else to give you a full VR encounter.


  • 2,560 x 1,440 with Refresh Rate of 90Hz,
  • Gear VR Field of view 110 degrees ,
  • 110 degrees Tracking zone 5 x 5 feet (two sensors),
  • Standing (back to front) Built-in sound,
  • Xbox One controller Wireless remote Sensors Accelerometer,
  • Constellation following camera,
  • Accelerometer, gyrator, magnetometer,
  • Associations HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 3.5mm sound jack ,
  • Requirements NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960/AMD Radeon RX 470 or more prominent ,
  • Intel Core i3-6100/AMD FX4350 or more prominent,
  • 8GB+ RAM ,
  • Good HDMI 1.3 video yield ,
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports ,
  • Windows 7 SP1 or more current.


Nothing, totally independent. Cost $400 discounted ($500 after) $200 (2018 dispatch) DT survey 3 out of 5 stars Coming Soon Design


Albeit official determinations for the Oculus Go still can’t seem to be released, we do know a couple of insights about its outline that enables us to make some theoretical correlations amongst it and the Rift. As far as the fundamental outline format of the two headsets, they look very equivalent. Both component a texture covering over a hard-plastic shell, however we’re informed that the Go will include “another texture” that is more breathable.

The new Oculus Go has a delicate versatile tie for fitting the show to your head, where the original Rift’s is a blend of plastic and velcro texture.

Both as far as style and materials, the Oculus Go is quickly reminiscent of something like Google’s Daydream View headset. Like that one, the style is intended be agreeable and congenial for individuals’ first VR encounter. Not at all like the Rift, which resembles a bit of science fiction tech, the Go looks more like something that is intended to mix in to your family room.


We’ll need to hold up to attempt it on ourselves to give an account of how it impacts comfort, however the new materials should make it less demanding to swap the headset now and again, which is something that Oculus seems to see as critical for its new compact gadget.


That sort of reasoning was available in the decisions for sound arrangement as well. Rather than building headphones into the headband like the original Rift, the Oculus Go use incorporated spatial sound drivers. That implies companions and spectators can hear what you hear and you should at present advantage from 3D sound. There’s a 3.5mm connector incorporated with the headset as well, for the individuals who need to utilize their own particular headphones.


The significant plan contrast between the two headsets however, is that one interfaces up to your PC and the other doesn’t. The Go needn’t bother with a smartphone to run either, so is altogether independent and remote. That means however, that it has a small scale PC incorporated with the headset. What that implies for weight, execution and battery life, stays to be seen. HTC has a comparable independent headset underway,

HTC vive

That convenient nature and the straightforwardness with which it’s intended to be exchanged between clients may influence the Oculus To go an awesome headset for first-time VR clients, particularly on the off chance that they’re having a ‘go’ in a gathering.

Winner: Oculus Go



Where the Oculus Rift dons a couple of OLED shows with a joined determination of 2,160 x 1,200, the Oculus Go sports a particular LCD show with a determination of 2,560 x 1,440. Despite the fact that OLED ought to convey darker blacks and wealthier difference than its LCD partner, Oculus asserts that it’s utilized a “quick switch” board in the Go, which additionally enhances visual lucidity and lessens the screen entryway impact.

Story Continues


Oculus Rift

Oculus rift

In spite of the fact that there are very extraordinary advances having an effect on everything with the presentations themselves, Oculus is utilizing a moment age of its custom fresnel focal points for the Go. Based off of the ones utilized as a part of the original Rift plan, these ones are said to lessen the measure of glare. That was a real issue we found in darker scenes on the Rift, with the goal that’s an appreciated change if realized in real utilize.


With respect to revive rate, we don’t recognize what the Go is prepared to do presently. It will probably be 90Hz at any rate, as that seems, by all accounts, to be the solace point for most VR encounters.


How good diversions and encounters will really look in a hurry may well rely upon how effective the equipment of the Go headset is. It’s probably not going to have the capacity to compare to a gaming PC, so the Rift is probably going to have the capacity to convey much better visuals, regardless of whether its show and focal points are a more seasoned innovation.

Winner: Draw



Likewise with most equipment stages, both the Rift and the Go are just tantamount to the product they can run. While the Rift approaches its own full library of Oculus Home titles (these are our top choices), it can likewise play a significant number of the many recreations and encounters on Steam. In correlation, the Oculus Go will have its own particular library of supporting amusements, yet will likewise bolster a significant part of the Gear VR library at dispatch.


It’s very conceivable that Facebook will utilize the more section level Go headset as its suggested instrument for utilizing a portion of the coordinated VR highlights it’s wanting to convey to the social system later on. The Go could likewise be Oculus and Facebook’s method for attracting the iPhone swarm, which right now doesn’t have much access to a VR versatile headset like the Samsung-particular Gear VR.


It’s plausible that the Oculus Go will use the same “Home” setting as the Rift and Gear VR

Oculus Programming

That should give us a thought of the sorts of amusements and encounters we can expect on the Oculus Go. Despite the fact that it will be awesome for socializing and watching 3D and 360-degree motion pictures, regarding gaming, its experience will be constrained by the capacities of the headset and its more portable core interest.


Oculus has affirmed that the Go will bolster two famous amusement motors — Unity and Unreal Engine — and in addition its own particular restrictive innovation. The Rift can bolster those same motors, and in addition any semblance of CryEngine.

Winner: Oculus Rift


Following and controllers

The Oculus Rift’s following arrangement is fundamentally the same as what was utilized for its before designer pack adaptations. Its Constellation following cameras take into account positional development in six degrees of opportunity and with different sensors it can offer situated, standing and constrained roomscale cooperation.


In examination, the Oculus Go uses locally available sensors to distinguish rotational and introduction following. That implies you can’t move physically in reverse and advances, yet you can tilt from side to side and check out you. It’s three degrees of opportunity, which is constrained in contrast with the Rift and makes the Go more suited to stationary encounters.

Oculus Controller

Regarding controllers, the Oculus Rift has seemingly outstanding amongst other VR controllers at this moment with Touch. They offer motion following and in addition point by point connections with the client’s hands in the virtual world. The Oculus Go, then again, use a remote that is more similar to a propelled form of the original Rift remote. It includes a trigger and touchpad, making it practically identical to the Gear VR controller or Daydream controller.


The absence of controller following and the restricted extent of player following and development, implies that the Rift still offers substantially more flexibility than the Go inside the virtual world.

Winner: Oculus Rift


Cost and accessibility

Apparently the greatest distinction between the Oculus Rift and the Oculus Go is the sticker price. Over the way that the Rift is twofold the cost of the Go ($400 versus $200), you additionally require a quite intense PC to run the Rift, which in the event that you don’t as of now have, will cost you a few hundred dollars more.

Oculus Cost

That makes the Go a considerably more appealing section point for new virtual reality clients. Or if nothing else it will, when it’s released in 2018. Until at that point, the Rift is the better (just) decision.

Winner: Oculus Rift


The questions

At this phase in the Oculus Go’s life cycle, there is still a great deal we don’t think about it — and until those become exposed and we get our hands on the convenient headset, we simply don’t know how good it will be. We have to get some answers concerning its execution and inside equipment, to what extent the battery keeps going, and what it’s really similar to utilize direct.


In view of what we know up until this point however, the Oculus Go could be an extraordinary trade for the Gear VR as a strong passage level alternative for socializing, VR encounters, and watching films in virtual reality. With regards to gaming or higher-end encounters however, it will be difficult to beat the Rift with its unfathomably unrivaled following and controllers.

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