What you Need to Know about the New Food Delivery Apps

With dinner being more readily ordered over the internet, especially with applications on your phones, you can find out that there are plenty of delivery jobs making the turn with special apps you can get like WaitrApp.

These apps can help you order from all of your favorite local restaurants which support it, and just like an Uber driver, the select few side-hustlers (there’s a good handful though) go to the restaurant to pick up your food, and deliver it for you.

They operate on a steady rate just like other delivery services, and get some extra cash in hand, while trying to make sure you get your food in a timely manner, as well as give you good product.

In this article we’ll tell you what you need to know about food delivery apps such as WaitrApp.

Here’s the Way It Works

The Waitr food delivery app has both tech drivers and delivery drivers. For the food delivery, they have special food delivery packages and they offer their delivery with a smile and full customer service.

It’s a freelance gig, so no, your driver doesn’t get a lot of money per hour. If you include tips that you can provide, sure, but hey, this is the real world and that doesn’t always happen.

Your driver logs the drive and gets paid a flat rate to go to a restaurant after they get the tip that you ordered your food, then they jump in their car, head to the restaurant you chose your order from, and deliver it to you hot and fresh (or cold and fresh if it’s a cold order).

Going to the website above, you can see what restaurants in your area actually have drivers available from which you can order online.

While apps like this aren’t available in every city, they are there for you in many major locations nationwide. By the way, you can even order from your desktop computer using the WaitrApp website.

Things to Consider when Ordering

WaitrApp cannot deliver alcohol with your order, simply because then it would require literally every single one of their drivers to get their state liquor license, as well as the fact that they would also have to drive very carefully.

If there were ever an alcoholic beverage in their car and someone hit them, they would be held liable and end up with all kinds of questioning as to why they had alcohol in their car (facing possible open container or being accused of drinking and driving, even if they weren’t).

At the same time, you want to be sure not to have too large or too small of an order when you’re ordering from a delivery service.

Too small, and it doesn’t even make it worth your driver’s while since they don’t get paid as much as typical employees who would at least get minimum wage.

Too big of an order may be great for a paycheck, but it will take longer to get your food and will be harder to contain your order.


Delivery services are a great tool, and every service out there is pretty good as far as food delivery. If you are in an area that has WaitrApp available (such as Auburn, AL), then you’ll definitely enjoy the ability to order your favorite foods from local restaurants.

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