What is Navmansh Kundali? Astrological Significance of Navmansh Kundali

In Vedic Astrology, Navmansh Kundali is the ninth divisional chart of the native. The evaluation of a Janampatri or janam kundali is incomplete without a perfect and elaborate assessment of the Navamsha Chart as per the Parashari system.

Additionally, there is a profound bond between Rashi Chart and Navamansha chart. This connection is described as Rashi Tulya Navamsha / Navamsha Tulya Rashi in the Parashari Astrology.

That is why it becomes essential to understand a person’s Navamansha chart to get a complete idea of his future predictions. Today, let’s take an Astro journey of the D-9 chart-its significance, meaning, and everything you should know about it!


What is Navmansh Kundali?

Your astrological predictions majorly depend on the birth chart. By analyzing your Janam kundali astrologers, predict your past, present, and future life vents.

However, Rishi Parashar classified astrology in various segments to carefully assess a person’s different life aspects. Generally, Rashi Chart is the physical body of the Horoscope, and Navamsha Kundali represents the soul of your Horoscope. 

Also, as per the Numerology, the numeral ‘9’ is the greatest single-digit number that is considered to be the most important number. 

The digit nine is also connected with the most influential vowel -‘I’. So, from all astrological perspectives, the figure ‘9’ has a unique impact. Besides, digit nine is the source number of Mars-the Commander-in-Chief in the planetary realm.

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Divisions of Navamansh

A Navansh kundali can be divided into nine equal parts. Each part describing specific characteristics

Dev Navansh

  • From 0 to 3 degrees and 20 minutes, 
  •  And from 10 to 13 degrees and 20 minutes, 
  • from 20 degrees to 23 degrees 20 minutes. 
  • In other words, 1, 4, and 7 Navansh are said to be DevNavansh. 
  • Dev Navansh owns many excellent qualities (Satvik Guna)

Nar Navansh

  •  In the chart From 3 degrees 20 minutes to 6 degrees 40 minutes
  • From 13 degrees 20 minutes to 16 degrees 40 minutes
  • From 23 degrees 20 minutes to 26 degrees 40 minute
  • So, 2, 5, and 8 Navansh are known as Nar Navansh.
  •  Nar Navansh holds all the royal qualities (Rajo Guna).

Rakshas Navansh

  • From 6 degrees 40 minutes to 10 degrees, 
  • from 16 degrees 40 minutes to 20 degrees, 
  • from 26 degrees 40 minutes to 30 degrees.
  • Therefore, 3, 6, and 9 Navansh are known as Rakshas Navansh.
  •  These Navansh possesses Tamo guna qualities.
  •  These gunas can be linked to greed, desire, and selfishness.
  • Unnecessary aggression, fights, and misunderstanding are also Tamo Guna.

Navansh Kundali Interpretation

Do you want to know what the soul purpose of your life is? What will be the time of your marriage? To know all these answers, you need to do your Navansh kundali interpretation.

Navansh Kundali comes in position after your Lagna horoscope. The Lagna Kundali describes your physical body, whereas the Navansh Kundali mirrors your soul. A precise association between the Janma Kundali and the Navansh Kundali can give promising results.

When the planets of your Navansh Kundali are exalted or arranged great, you will enjoy a healthy life. Your mind -soul-body will act in harmony, and In such a state, the person receives favorable results.

In case if a planet is weakened in your Janma Kundali but glorified in your Navansh Kundali, you will enjoy good results. For accurate results, astrologers carefully evaluate the Navansh chart with the help of the Navansh calculator.

Significance of Navansh Kundali

Navamsha Chart has a profound significance in Vedic Astrology. The core use of this instrument is to know the real needs and purposes of a native. It describes the inner self of a native.

Apart from that, it helps along with the Janam kundali and Lagna chart to foresee various life events elaborately. Do you have your Lagna chart and Janam kundali? If not, get free online Janam Kundli from here.

The following aspects can be served accurately by Navansh Kundali interpretation.

  • It foresees the overall energy of planets for bestowing the aspired result.
  • You can also check the position of various planets in your Navamsha Chart regarding the Navamsha Lagna.
  • It helps to view the arrangement of planets in the Navamsha Chart regarding your birth Ascendant.
  • You can see placements of planets in the Navamsha Chart with reference to the natal place in the Janam Patri chart
  • It helps in the prediction of marriage, and its timings 
  • D-9 chart interpretation helps to foresee partnership -live-in relationship and other relationship issues
  • It can predict the temperament and approach of a partner in marital life
  • Planets related to 64-navamsa also help to anticipate other significant life areas of a person
  • Planets in Pushkar Navamsha are very promising. There are 24 such favorable and sensitive points in a person’s birth chart, with each Rashi including two Pushkar Navamsha
  • Vargottama means when any of the planets occupy the Same Sign in the birth chart as well as in the Navamsa chart. If the Lagna of a Person Becomeshis Vargottama, it is highly beneficial. 
  • In such cases, the Lagna (ascendant)becomes remarkably influential, and Lagna Lord will be capable of taking you to a magnificent height.

Consider these as just a few snapshots of the usage of Navamansh. There are many more benefits of the D-9 chart. Analyzing the D-9 with the correlation of other charts can give you an in-depth idea of your significant life events.

Other then the Parashari Navamsha Kundli, there are two more Navamsha Kundlis. They are known as Jaimini Navamsha and Kalchakra Navamsha; these are analyzed and valued according to their individual systems.

Let’s sum up!

So far, you already know the meaning and significance of Navamsha kundali, you must get an accurate D-9 chart from an expert astrologer. Using it, along with the Janamkundali predictions, can create wonders!

Consider your Navamsha Kundali interpretation as decoding the divine secrets! The right interpretation of the Janam Kundali and Navamsha kundali can change your life path!

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