Mini Militia Cheats 2019 To Win Game Easily [UPDATED GUIDE]

Mini Militia is the most widely played game on mobile after PUBG and Clash of Clans.


Do you know that there are many mini militia cheats available using which you can surely enhance your gaming skills and can win a mini militia game easily.

Lets now get to the main topic directly without wasting much time. Today we are sharing some interesting mini militia tricks and famous mini militia hacks with you and we hope this will surely help you a lot.

We can say this, that by using the below given tips and tricks you can definitely improve your gaming skills and also once you have read the whole article we can definitely bet that the chances of you winning a mini militia game will surely increase by 100%.

Btw, this article will cover all the important information related to top mini militia cheats and you can read our other mini militia articles to get information about other hacks and tricks of this game.

So let us begin the ultimate mini militia cheats guide.

15 Best Mini Militia Cheats to Win the Game:

Mini Militia Cheats to Win the Game

  1. Never and I repeat never get involved in a direct combat with a Pro Player. A Pro Player will definitely has more experience and score than you. So it is advised to beat that player by playing a safe game.
  2. Usage of weapons like piston, sniper without scope should be avoided. A piston gun never make high damage to the enemy’s health.
  3. If your opponent has thrown a grenade at you then just crouch down in order to avoid high damage to your health.

Note: Yes this trick is for real and works 100% of the time.

  1. We know that many of you might be against this cheat but to be honest killing yourself of say doing suicide in the game is a better option when your health is very low in order to avoid giving points to the enemy.
  2. Always keep your gun fully loaded with bullets. If you see that the gun is not reloaded then stand in a safe position and reload first before attacking your enemy. We will advise you to reload when you can’t see your enemy near around. Keeping a gun loaded will surely increase your chances of winning.
  3. Using the Map Zoom feature. Well most of the players are not aware about this cheat but by zooming the map you can see your opponent easily and can kill him/her by making a strategy.

Well if you don’t know how to use the zoom feature then no need to worry and follow these simple steps.

Map Zoom mini militia

Go to the Settings option –> Click on Configure –> Activate the 2x option. By doing this you just made the map more wider for better vision on enemy.

  1. Make a habit of leaving a grenade at your spawning position / place. By doing this you will be able to kill the opponent player whenever he/she respawn at the same position. You will be getting extra points and that too without doing much.
  2. Usage of a melee is highly recommended in mini militia game. Always punch your enemy using a melee to do high amount of damage on his health. You can use this combo of shooting bullets with gun in one hand and using a melee to hit punches with other hand to increase the damage amount.
  3. If your health is low and you are now involved in a close combat with your opponent then the best trick is to instantly leave a grenade towards your opponent. This will either kill him or will give you team to heal up.
  4. Always carry 2 different types of guns with you in order to do more damage to your opponent. Carry a short range gun and a long range gun with you to increase your chances of winning the game.

A Sniper and Shotgun is the best combo as per many user reviews.

adjust buttons mini militia cheat

  1. Always adjust the buttons to get better control in the game. You can change the default placement of buttons by going in the settings and clicking in the adjust buttons option.
  2. A simple hack to increase your speed while jumping or flying is by hitting punches in air. Yes, if you will hit punches in air while flying or jumping then it will surely increase your speed and you can easily reach from one place to other without using a nitro booster.
  3. If two of your opponents are fighting among themselves then it is the best time to take the advantage of this situation. Just go there and throw a bomb or grenade at them and guess what? BOOM!!! you just got  double points by killing 2 opponents at the same time.
  4. If you are low on health and your opponent is strong then use your mind instead of courage. Hide behind a bush and try to spot your opponent. Once spotted all you have to do is just throw grenades or fire bullets in that direction to kill him.
  5. If involved in a close combat then always crouch down while firing bullets as doing this will make your body less visible and less vulnerable to the incoming bullets.

Since you have read the article till here so we are giving one extra bonus cheat to you.

BONUS MINI MILITIA CHEAT: If you seriously enjoy playing mini militia online then buy the pro pack of mini militia. It will only cost you $1 but will unlock many amazing features for you.

Amazing Mini Militia Tricks you must use while playing:

2 guns cheat mini militia

  • As soon as the game starts do not start running towards your enemy in order to kill him, instead try finding out good guns first and make yourself position in a good position to shoot and kill.
  • By placing sensor bombs in the bush you will be at advantage as this will increase the chances of killing your enemy more.
  • Never run to fight with a single gun. Always carry 2 guns in your hands and then go for the battle.
  • As we have said earlier also, the best guns combo is Shotgun + Sniper. If used nicely then this combo is proved to be the most deadly combo in the game.
  • Attacking other players who are already engaged in a fight can give you extra bonus points because it will become easy for you to kill both of them.
  • Make a habit of shooting in the bushes before passing them as there are high chances of your enemy hiding in between those bushes.

Checkout all the latest and trending mini militia tricks here.

Best Weapon Combination in Mini Militia:

Best Weapon Combination in Mini Militia

For Close Range Battle:

Shot gun and Flame thrower are proved to be the best weapon combo when you are engaged in a close range battle with your enemy in mini militia.

For Medium Range Battle:

M4 (with 5x Zoom) and AK47 (with 4x Zoom) is the best combo as per many player reviews. This combo is said to be unbeatable till date.

For Long Range Battle:

Sniper and Rifle is the most deadliest combo when it comes to do battle in long range. But, you need some amazingly high set of skills to master this combo.

Final Words:

Since we have now shared all the best and amazing mini militia cheats 2019 with you we now hope that you never lose a game against any opponent.

Ohh btw, don’t forget to share these amazing cheats with your friends and other Mini Militia Players.

Checkout This Amazing Video to Get More Mini Militia Cheats and Hacks.

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