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Hello, today I would love to tell you about my experience using a site called

I lived alone for quite a long time, all of my past relationships ended pretty badly, and thus, I just decided to be alone for some time. Things were fine, but soon I realized that the time has come; I knew that I got tired of being single, and it was time for some actions.

But which site should I choose?

I mean, the Internet is absolutely stacked with dating sites, and you can’t really know which one of them is at least in some way reliable, which one has a user base that’s at least somewhat close to the size that it pretends to have.

So, I knew I had to do some research not to waste my time in the end. I knew that there was no perfect dating site, and I would inevitably stumble upon some dating scam artists, marriage swindlers, and etc. But still, something must have been done, and I was too busy with my job to start dating other people in real life; it’s just too much stress, and I am not that much of an extroverted person.

Back to my research, so many sites ended up being “fake;” having fake reviews, fake “status,” they pretend like they are safe, reliable, secure, and offer limitless opportunities when it comes to online dating.

Then, after a few weeks of fruitless research, I had a conversation with my colleague about online dating; he told me about a site called Mariadating.

At first, it didn’t look all that different from other sites; I mean, at that point, it was around my 30th dating site that I’ve tried during my research, yet I was pleasantly surprised after all. 

Why did I choose a Ukrainian dating site?

Well, the dating marker in Ukraine is very large; a lot of money is invested in it, and lots of Ukrainian girls are well-educated nice individuals. Also, all of the recent trends in economy and culture created a huge need for people and workers with a decent level of English language.

Thus, they are not only well-educated, but they can also speak English, at least to some extent, which is a good start. And in general, Ukraine was always recognized as one of the best sites for finding women; the culture is quite an interesting blend of European and Slavic values, and it is because of these values that Ukrainian women end up being great wives and mothers. 

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I’ve got registered all the way back in March.

A great thing that I’ve found is that you can just use your Facebook account in order to login to Mariadating. This isn’t the only dating site that has this feature, but it is still quite nice. The registration process itself is not complicated, and you just have to indicate the most important things about yourself in order to get started with the site.

You need to specify your gender, who are you looking for, your name, e-mail, and password that you are going to use for the service. So far so good. One of the biggest issues that I’ve encountered in my research and dating experience in general is that dating sites tend to either over complicate all of their features, all of the aspects of design of a dating website, or do the opposite of that and implement the simplest system which makes such sites resemble the old chat rooms.

Naturally, such choices don’t end up leaving a good impression, at least on me, so I always wanted to find that balance between the abundance of useless features and ease of access at the cost of these features.

Mariadating pretty much hits a nail on the head in this department. It’s just right; it’s not flooding you with information and useless crap that you don’t need, but it doesn’t feel like all of your information is stored in a simple txt file on some server in India.  

Now, with that long introduction out of the way, let’s talk about the dating process itself. Well, Mariadaing has a lot of things to offer for free. I never felt obligated to pay any money, but your situation may be different; it’s just that I went along doing my thing just fine without paying a dime. Maybe it is because of the fact that I’ve met a great girl on the second day of my dating experience on Mariadating.

We then communicated for around two weeks online and then decided to meet in real life. Her name is Natalya; she is a gorgeous Ukrainian lady, and we are still dating till this day. We are having a lot of fun every single time we go out to have a date.  

It’s a bit scary to think of the future; she is very young in spirit, and I don’t know how she will react if I propose to her, like, tomorrow. I hope it’s going to go well. But that’s neither here nor there; let’s talk about some ups and downs of the service.  

First off, as I’ve already mentioned, the balance between being too complex and too simplistic is great. I have never felt myself being left to my own devices in order to find out what is happening; everything is quite clear and simple.

I’ve encountered a few minor bugs with the web version of the service, mainly the design; some sprites just looked odd, and I’ve contacted the customer support service; they were quite nice to me and assured me that the bugs would be fixed. And, in fact, they were, or at least I can’t seem to notice them anymore.

The search engine of the service is great; it is very responsive, and I’ve never had any issue with it. Also, profiles on Mariadating can be absolutely stacked with information, ranging from your personal photos to video clips.

This makes it easier for you to see a girl you are interested in from all sides. I can’t really recommend Mariadating enough; the user base of gorgeous Ukrainian women is absolutely ridiculous, and, as it seems to me, those are actual profiles, not just bots or etc. But there were some hiccups in my personal experience using Mariadating, and let me list just a few of them. 

I was logged out of the site on few different occasions, and I was unable to find the reason as to why I got logged out, but I was just able to pop back in and continue on, but it just felt a bit scary and odd. The above-mentioned design bugs were a bit annoying at times; I’ve had to use CTRL+Mouse wheel in order to somehow cope with the bugs, and it ended up making all of the text and images not fit in my screen.

But, as it seems to me, this bug applies only to Chrome-based programs, including Opera, as I’ve had no issues with Mariadating when I used Firefox to access the service. My colleague that I’ve mentioned before told me that he ended up investing around $100 in order to get all of the featured that he needed from the service, yet I’ve never found any reason to spend money on the service, so, I guess, it depends on your priorities and interests. 

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