3 Local SEO Techniques for Marijuana Businesses in 2019

Marijuana businesses, like any other business, needs to be advertised and marketed to grow and prosper.

However, authorities in most governments around the world do not approve of advertising or marketing of marijuana or any products related to the drug.

Most consider marijuana as illegal, and have laws that prohibit the recreational use of marijuana. As for medical marijuana, governments have authorized only a few health institutions to prescribe this drug as medication but not to sell it for recreational purposes.

Sites as Facebook and Bing and Google limit the advertising of this drug for medical purposes only.

With so many limitations and prohibitions, marijuana businesses have to innovate creative methods and means of letting the world and their potential clientele know about their existence.

Marijuana SEO companies can come in handy to help out in this situation.

Here are some techniques they can use to promote this business.

  • Curate Your Content

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about content. When someone gets on a search engine such as Google to look for particular information, what they will find is content on what they are looking for.

It is for this reason that you must ensure you have the correct and up to date information regarding your business. Provide a solution rather than just pushing to sell a product.

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Potential clients should know why they should buy from your business and what you have to offer that is different from the rest.

Provide information regarding your location, contacts and how your clients can connect with you. You are sure to get clients coming your way of you communicate effectively.

  • Make Good Use of Keywords

The proper use of keywords is one area that most people fail in SEO. An SEO specialist will tell you that this is a key aspect, if not the most important in SEO.

Content specific keywords are necessary to direct potential clients to your site. Focus on your area of operation and use words that clients searching for such establishments are likely to use.

Avoid stuffing your content with unnecessary and awkward phrases in a bid to use keywords. If you do that, Google might mark your content as spam and fail to achieve its intended purpose.

Just identify the right keywords and incorporate them naturally and creatively within your content. Using them in that manner will be more effective and beneficial.

  • Use Metadata

Even when concentrating on keywords and having your site rank highly on google search, do not overlook the importance of metadata.

URLs and other links will prove useful to your marijuana business if especially you want clients to make orders online. You should know how to incorporate image tags to appear within your content articles on your website.

These are especially great since customers can simply click and get directed to your online store. You will have a lot of traffic to your online store simply by having those that visit your site go directly using the links.

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