Kafka Jaipur Fire Blast News Latest Updates – Kafka Cafe Restaurant

As per recent updates received there happened a Blast in kafka restaurant near sms stadium jaipur early morning today (20/9/2019).

The reason of blast came out as a leakage in gas cylinder. The explosion took at such a massive scale and the sound of the blast in kafka was so high that the near by going pedestrians and people were shocked. People living near kafka were also scared and got nervous. People started coming out from the near by buildings as they were nervous. The flames of the fire in kafka were so huge that it touched the sky in no time and were seen from distant places too.

The smoke of blast started spreading around and in the surroundings too.

Some people who were recording the morning nature videos caught this blast in Kafka cafe, restaurant live and put the video on youtube.


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Here is one of those videos of Kafka Fire and Blast:

The police was informed in no time and also the fire department was informed by Gandhi Nagar Police Station.

As per our sources no one is killed in this accident.

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Kafka is situated on the roof top of a 4 level building on tonk road. According to Jagdish Prasad Phulwari, Chief fire officer, the fire has been controlled now and no casualties are there.

The incident took place around 6am today at Kafka Restaurant Cafe.

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