What’s so Special About K.Kamaraj Rule in Tamil Nadu?

K Kamraj was born into a poor toddy tapper (Nadar) family on 15 July 1903 in Virudupatti in southern extension of Tamil Nadu.


His family financial condition was very critical and it became worse when his father died from heart attack resulting in end to his formal education.


He started picking up all kind of small and odd jobs at very small age in order to fulfil the basic necessities of his widowed mother and sister.


K Kamraj becomes a revolutionary at very young age with determination to overthrow British rule. He was the follower of Gandhi and got imprisoned for the very first time during the Salt Satyagraha led by Gandhi.


He was arrested several times for very long periods due to his active participation freedom movement of India.


He spent a total of 10 years in prison. While he was in prison, he fall in love with books which help him broaden his outlook and develop leadership skills that proved a valuable asset for him as a leader in upcoming years of his life.


K Kamraj was elected to the Madras Legislative Assembly in 1937.


In 1940, he was elected as a Chairman of the Municipal Council in Virudunagar when he was in jail.


As soon as he released from jail, he resigned from his post because he believe that he should not accept the responsibility when he cannot do justice to it.


In 1942, K Kamaraj was again imprisoned for a period of 3 years. He educated himself in Amaravathi prison during these three years by reading books in jail.


K Kamaraj acquired the post of Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu by defeating Rajagopalachari on April 13, 1954. This was one of his greatest achievements. He served as the CM for 10 years.


K Kamraj is remembered even today by people of Tamil Nadu for his impeccable efforts to provide education to the poorest of the poor.


He believed that education can break any barriers and with this vision, he took action to start primary schools in small villages and started the scheme of single teacher schools in remote places in which the teacher should go to the children if the children can’t come to the school.


Education in Tamilnadu aligns directly with the efforts of K Kamraj. It secures the top position in terms of literacy rate which has been possible only because of the vision and foresight of Dr Kamaraj.


He was also instrumental in developing the mid-day meal scheme to ensure proper nourishment to all.

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