5 Jungle Survival Skills That You Should Know About

Today we are dependenton our gadgets more than ever in history. Also, we have lost our basic survival instinct that our ancestors had mastered over the years. What will happen if you get stranded in a jungle? What if there are no sources of fresh water and shelter?


Here are the top 5 jungle survival tips that you should absolutely master to survive in a situation like that.


  • Finding a place for your shelter

It’s one of the most important steps that you should know about. Your primary target would be to find a place that is high enough so that sudden floods cannot reach you. Make sure there is no insect’s nest around that place. It’s better if you find a place where rocks will provide you a natural shelter against rain and storm. Also, the place should provide fresh water for drinking and dry woods for fire.

lightning fire in jungle


  • Building a proper shelter

When you have booked a comfortable Tadoba accommodation, you have nothing to worry, but in case you are lost in the jungle, shelter is a major concern. After finding a proper camping site, you should make a shelter with what you have or what is available around you. You could easily find a tree with angled branches.

Pick one of those branches where you could lay closely stacked woods on both sides and spread fallen leaves all over them. By this way, you could easily build a small triangle tent where you could stay.

Hypothermia is very well known for killing people in cold weather. That’s why you must scatter collected leaves and other kind of debris all over the floor. Make sure the layer is thick enough so that the cold ground could not absorb heat from you.


  • Creating fire

After securing your shelter, the next thing you will need is fire. Fire can provide heat in a cold environment, can be used to cook, drive away wild animals, and could be used as a signal. Therefore, having a fire is absolutely vital. If you already have matches or cigarette lighter with you then you could light a fire within seconds.

For that, you will need to collect dry timbers and leaves. But if you don’t have matches or lighter with you, then you could also create fire with your battery.

You have to connect the positive and negative terminals with a wire and create a spark to torch the dry woods. You could use books, papers, napkins, pencils, and cotton as burning materials to build your fire.


  • Finding sources of clean water

After securing your shelter and fire, the next step would be to find as many sources of clean water as possible. It is better to boil the water if you collect it from a stagnant place.

That way there will be no pathogens in it. But there are also other ways to collect water. Trees sweat like human beings. It’s called transpiration. You could place a plastic bag over a branch with lots of leaves. Make sure to tie a knot around the opening.

After some time, you will have fresh water collected in the plastic bag that you could easily drink.


  • Navigation

If you already have GPS watch or smartphones then finding direction would not be any problem for you. But in case you don’t have one of those, you could easily navigate by using the position of the sun. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west all over the world. So, finding north and south would be no problem for you.



If you closely follow the aforementioned tips in a jungle then surviving would not be a difficult task for you. Research about your destination beforehand and always carry a small backpack containing emergency tools when you go outside for a long vacation.


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