Is Tor Browser Really Anonymous and Secure?

Internet users have always looked for ways to hide their identity online and maintain anonymity while browsing through deep web links or tor sites.


This is where the Tor Browser has been of immense help to them as it has allowed them to access the web without having to worry about data leaks.


What is Tor and how is it useful?

The Tor is a project created and maintained by a number of online maintainers where they have established a number of remote servers and relay nodes across the globe to keep the Tor Network alive.


Whenever a user tries to connect their Tor Browser to this network, their internet traffic is routed via a number of such nodes on the network to ensure that their real identity is always hidden.


This specially designed software is useful for users who don’t want websites or online preys to look and track their web history and online data.


Does Tor Browser really make you Anonymous on the web?

The Tor Browser does a great job to protect the online data of a casual web surfer on the internet. However, the Tor browser doesn’t make you fully anonymous on the internet.


There are ways by which your anonymity on the internet can be in jeopardy despite using a Tor Browser. The limitations to Tor Browser are:


Sniffed Exit Nodes

The internet traffic that you are sending to or receiving from the Tor Network and its nodes is highly secure.


However, the same cannot be said from the data leaving the exit nodes in the network to reach your device. This node, where the data leaves the Tor network and reaches to open internet surface, can always be tracked by others.


It is ok if you are using HTTPS websites but if you are accessing unsecured websites, then bear it in mind that people can track your activities.


Plug-ins, JavaScript and Applications can leak your original IP Address

The Tor browser is built in with preconfigured settings to disable any plug-ins and JavaScript running on your device.


This is because the websites gaining access to them can potentially identify your real location by gathering data from them.


Always check to ensure that these are disabled before you start surfing the web.


Poisoned Darkweb nodes

You should always remember that not everyone on the network will provide you with their bandwidth out of goodwill.


Some of the relay nodes on the Tor network are established and maintained by law agencies and enforcements also.


Additionally, it is not only Law agencies that may be poisoning these nodes. It can be done by criminals also. They could try to de—anonymize your identity on such nodes.


The Last Words

If you are a casual web browser, the level of anonymity provided by the Tor Browser is more than enough for you to protect your online data from websites and ISPs or access restricted websites.


However, the Tor Browser is still not perfectly anonymous and there are ways through which your real identity can be leaked if you are not careful enough.


So always use best VPN while accessing onion sites.

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