Step By Step Guide To Instagram Advertising For Your Business

It’s the perfect time to advertise on Instagram if you run a small business thinking of it. Over 50% of consumers spend more time on social media this year due to pandemic situations. Content consumption online is enormous, and every small business wants to follow the attention of its audience. 

Instagram Ads

Instagram contains over a billion active users, in that nearly 200 million active users visit at least a business account every day. Moreover, 65% of users conclude that they discover products on the platform. Yeah, exactly you. Instagram ads might cost higher than ads on Facebook in terms of average CPC(Cost Per Click), but it’s worth it if you consider conversion possibilities and better engagement.

Instagram Ad Types

Instagram acquires various ad categories depending on where you need to place your ad on the platform. Each ad type brings you various visual factors and multiple benefits for your business. It is crucial to bring up the campaign objectives to be easy for you to decide the ad type to use. Let’s jump in.

1. Video And Image Ads For Instagram Feed

You will get these ads frequently on your feed because these ads are placed in between the regular feeds. It is perfect for obtaining more engagement and audience attention. Utilize the carousel factor to post multiple video content or images in a single post to bring up a series.

2. Story Ads

It’s a full-screen ad that displays in between the user’s story contents. It’s the perfect choice to drive more traffic, but Instagram users swipe out quickly if they don’t like it. You can get more audience eyeballs through placing stickers, filters, effects, and more on your story ads. If you use a business profile and have above 1K followers, then utilize the “Swipe Up” feature to drive the audience to your target landing page. 

3. Collection Ads

It suits every small business focusing more on eCommerce conversions, and collection ads bring every user to shop from the ad directly. It minimizes the significant steps for them to purchase your services or products and allows an effortless user experience. 

4. Explore Ads

It showcases your ad on Instagram’s Explore Page, where every user can browse suggested posts from the profiles they don’t follow. It develops customer experience more and leads to 4x extra sales.

Once you are fixed about the ad type for you to run, you could promote your existing post on Instagram, or you can create a new one from the beginning. Here’s it:

Promoting An Existing Post On Instagram

If it’s your first time on the Instagram advertisement, you can begin with promoting your existing Instagram post.

Here you go:

  1. Launch Your Instagram account, and select the post you need to promote. Tap the “Promote” option at your post lower right side.
  2. Choose the business objective from website visits, user’s DMs, or profile visits on Instagram.
  3. Utilize the target options to target your audience. Selecting the automatic option chooses the audience depending on your followers. In contrast, the manual option brings you to choose the range, age, location, and audience interests.
  4. Choose the budget and the ad time.
  5. Completed your first ad. Now it’s time to track its performance.

Create A Fresh Instagram Ad

If you need to create a new ad on Instagram from the beginning, you want to go via the Facebook ad system.

  1. Launch Your Facebook profile connected with your Instagram. Create a Facebook account if you don’t have an account.
  2. Go to the Ads Manager on Facebook.
  3. Tap “Create Ad.”
  4. Select the objective you need for your ad – engagement, website traffic, or brand awareness.
  5. Choose the button “New Ad Set” on the page left side and fill in every detail that showcases, such as audience details, schedule, and budget. 
  6. Then select the “Placement” of your ad where you need to display it on Instagram.
  7. Tap “next”. Here, you can choose the ad format and visual graphics you need to include.
  8. Run your first ad.

Techniques To Create Successful Instagram Ads For Your Business

Though Instagram is a visual-oriented platform, it is better to bring attractive images and video content for your ads to catch your targeted audience quickly. Here are the stunning techniques to spark out your ads:

1. Work With Instagram Reels Ads

It’s a vertical type of ad, where users can get in between an individual reels content. This feature is most popular nowadays, where many audiences spend more time on the reels section than any other feature on the platform. So it’s best to bring massive engagements with more Instagram views for reels to your ads where you can drive vast traffic to your target page.

2. Utilize Bold Typography

Using bold fonts in your ads grabs more attention and a clear message. So, the audience would get what you are offering exactly. If you seize their interest, then they tend to go for the next step.

3. Bring Your Product Like A Star

Capture stunning product pictures through filming HQ images at various angles to provide the target audience a 360-degree and authentic look they actually want.

4. Narrate A Story For Story Ads On Instagram

To make users not swiping out from your Instagram story ads, bring your ads more fit and compelling in a sequence manner. More likely, use video content or photos focused on how a regular audience will experience your services or products.

5. Fix To Your Brand Personality And Tone

Always don’t provide your product’s benefits and features and bring it an ad. How does your business use social media more actively? What type of audience do you need to merge with? Fix the tone that you already have for your Instagram posts to grow consistency and familiarity in branding.

6. Don’t Forget To Add CTAs In Your Instagram Ads.

Encourage the audience to do various actions by providing a list of what your business offers and making them know how and where they could obtain it. Add words like “click the link,” “visit our site,” or “learn more,” and various phrasing words to capture the audience.

Just Go With Instagram Ads Now

Begin Instagram advertising once your business is prepared for an extra boost. Your social media strategies backbone is still constant, and compelling posts don’t stop the frequent content creation on Instagram. Do analyze what perfectly works, and focus on maintaining both paid and organic social media posts for the success of your business.

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