5 Important Tips for Buying Your Wedding Jewellery

When the wedding bells ring at a house, there’s no “keep calm” moment. Indian weddings have their own royalty, don’t they? Even though the traditions are old, the millennials are doing their best to jazz the ‘old’ up a notch.

Weddings – The Royal Affair

Be it ‘team bride’ or ‘team groom’, a wedding is the perfect time to doll up for everyone. While these celebrations are on a constant rise, we see people going berserk for wedding jewellery. Especially while choosing wedding jewellery for the bride, the family tends to go out of their budget.

But it’s okay to be all about your sentiments, especially while buying wedding jewellery. Weddings are, after all, nothing if not sentimental. But to save up your time and budget, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind.

Tips for Buying Wedding Jewellery

These might help in choosing the perfect wedding jewellery for the bride. 

  • Always Look For Options

It is often observed in weddings that our elders let the family jeweller look into the wedding jewellery sets. However, this would mean spending a fortune just for one aspect of such a large celebration. 

Coming onto the ‘hard truth’ of this generation, no one pays heed to the material that is being worn. Nobody will look closely into whether your wedding jewellery set is pure gold or not. Instead, they are keen in observing how the overall look complements you and your surrounding.

So, always look around for more stores and observe the pricing of jewellery sets. Explore more shops, observe and ask about the making charges. Every shop has its unique making charge, hence the final pricing will differ a lot. 

Therefore, I suggest you not to buy a wedding jewellery set altogether from a single shop. Look around and explore for more alternatives.

  • ‘Mix and Match’ Is The Key

When I mentioned that millennials jazz up the traditional rules of a wedding, I meant that for the jewellery. Plus, where is the fun in wearing the same old wedding jewellery sets? You can always go for oxidised metal jewellery with your black gold diamond. Or, if you want the full-fledged bridal feel, you can go for the old sprayed jewellery.

The perks of having these jewellery pieces are that they are easy to carry and are very affordable. These pieces of jewellery go with almost any outfit. The elegance and the embellishments of oxidised jewellery mixed with your gold pieces and semi-precious stones will be something that no one will fail to gawk at on your big day.

  • Do Not Look For Highly Decorative Wedding Jewellery

Choosing pure and traditional ornamental jewellery for your D-Day is fine. But I guess, sparing your inner carefree and funny angel within for the sangeet and Mehendi celebrations can make the festive occasion much more memorable.

Notably, go for less intricate pieces of jewellery on your sangeet night and Mehendi ceremony. Sangeet night is a celebration dedicated for wholesome fun and dancing. Handling heavy jewellery with a heavy dress is a strict no-no. Hence look for light but elegant wedding jewellery sets.

The biggest boon for our generation is that it has everything available online. Search for online wedding jewellery and look for something that would be light yet screaming that it’s the perfect wedding jewellery for the bride.

  • Search Wedding Jewellery Online

As I stated, our generation is blessed with all the cyberspace. Many portals have exquisite jewellery designs. Not only this, but the elegance of online wedding jewellery is at par. The number of choices available at an affordable price will leave you awestruck. 

Another reason for purchasing wedding jewellery online is that you access every information about the craftsmanship, material and designs. There are no hidden costs. Everything is just a click away.

  • Be In Your Comfort Zone

 Wearing a wedding jewellery set should never make the bride uncomfortable. You can be in your comfort zone and still look breathtaking and gorgeous. Wearing jewellery is all about exploring your comfort through fashion.

Nothing should stop you from wearing what you want on your D-Day. Invest in the wedding jewellery that makes you comfortable because there is no point in investing in jewellery pieces that make you twice before wearing them.


As important as it is to have the wedding of your dreams, it is equally important to stay well within the budget. One of the best ways to cut short your prices is to buy wedding jewellery online. Online wedding jewellery portals are expanding rapidly and they offer genuine products with legitimate certificates.

Hence, if you’re looking for exquisite wedding jewellery and want to stay within the budget, please go online jewellery shopping. Remember to follow these tips as they will help you be the best version of yourself on your D-Day.

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