Really Important Laptop Accessories That Will Change Your Life

Laptops are really cool when they work properly, which should be all of the time, if they are looked after properly.

Far too many people either don’t have the right accessories in order to make the most of their laptop or they have basic accessories that don’t last long and don’t get replaced or don’t offer the same level of experience as something a bit more advanced.

Today, we’ll take a look at the best accessories in terms of helping you get the most out of your laptop, for longer;

1. Laptop Cooler/Table

You might have noticed your laptop getting really hot at times, especially if it is on your lap or on the bed which is quite a common place for people to place their laptops so that they can work whilst relaxing in bed, surf the net or, even watch a movie to chill and relax to.

It should really be a big no-go area for a few reasons, you should really get into dedicated laptop tables NZ or a cooler, especially if you have the laptop plugged into the mains power whereby it will become even hotter!

The cooling solutions in laptops aren’t generally that good because they have to fit into a very compact space and when compared to the fans that you might find in a PC, the cooling fans and heatsinks are tiny in comparison.

Higher end laptops will have a dedicated graphics card too, although, despite the card being dedicated, they often share the same airflow as the processor or (CPU) which when combined can easily reach over 80-90c when under load. Now consider the fact that the laptops exhausts are either on the bottom or at the back and your duvet or bedding is preventing your laptop from breathing!

2. Something To Carry Your Laptop In

If you have a laptop then you should already have a laptop bag of some kind, if not then shame on you. A bag will not only keep the laptop safe and protected, it also provides a perfect solution to the problem of carrying your laptop in your hands and, perhaps dropping it and damaging it in the process.

There are tonnes of bags available, the choice of style really is yours, whether you prefer a backpack type that spreads the weight evenly over both shoulders, or the ‘single strap, overhead and shoulder’ type, your choices are almost limitless.

The one thing that you want to be absolutely sure of is to buy a good quality bag, generally speaking, with computer equipment and accessories, the more you spend, the longer they should last you.

Try not to be tempted by the idea of a ‘cheap’ bag, which incidentally are everywhere, but you’ll have to replace it sooner than you had anticipated that’s for sure!

3. Portable Storage

Some kind of storage device is a must these days, files are getting larger and larger and because more and more processes and services are becoming digital it means that the average person has more important, sensitive information on their laptops than ever before. If you talk to somebody, a friend or a local shop, they may suggest the idea of cloud storage which is important but, you’ll want that as well!

Something like cloud storage should be an addition to your own data storage and backup solutions, after all, you don’t own the storage on a cloud, you simply rent it so who’s to know exactly what happens to anything you upload. You can get memory sticks these days that can store over 100GB of data but, you’d probably be better off with something more reliable like a portable solid-state drive or (SSD), they are less likely to break or become corrupted.

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