How To Start An Online Business And Really Succeed

You are in your mid-30s and fed up of the constant bickering and politics in the online sales company which is focused on education. Your better-half is also a working professional.

She is sick of your constant squabbling about the problems in the office and cajoles you to start a new business. The main reason, you have gained enough experience in the market and she is confident about your success.

You have come from a family which is known for its services in the packers and movers sector. You have always harbored the thought of starting a business which offers online services for residents who wish to relocate from one part of the city to another area.

Then you think of extending the business for relocation from one State to another State.

Now with your wife’s and close friends’ support, you open an online Packers and Movers Bangalore website in the same city as head office. Now the question is what are the steps that should be taken to make the business successful?

Market and Product

You have to find a requirement and complete it.

There are many persons who do the mistake of first starting the business and then the need for a market.

how to start an online business

For boosting the chance of success, first start with the market. You should search for a number of people who are interested in finding the solution for the problem. They are not getting worthy results. When you log in the internet, the market research becomes easy –

  • You need to search for the relevant online forums in relation to your business. Now find out the problems you have to solve.
  • You have to do keyword research. Search for the keywords searched by most people.

Since you already have a potential business in mind, check the competitor websites. Interact with the customer care. Take notes of what they do to complete the demand by customers. The notes will assist you to design a product for the already existing market. With luck and hard work, you can excel than even the competitors.

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You have a website online for house shifting services. So when a visitor comes to the website, he/she should see attractive content. The words should initiate a “Call-of-Action” in the visitor.

best writing to make the online busines succeed

How To Write Excellent Copy

  1. You should get the customer interested with a catchy headline
  2. You should first describe the problem faced by the customer
  3. Next, add words that imply your website has the right features to solve the problem
  4. To add value to your words, add testimonials from customers who have used the website and are loyalists.
  5. You can advertise your product and how it can benefit the online customer.
  6. You should make an offer. It should be backed by guarantee.
  7. Fix a specific time line and ask for the sale.

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In the whole episode, you should put yourself in the shoes of the customer with the question – “What is in it for me?”

The description should focus on the problems of the people and how the service can make their lives easier.

Design Your Website

You have spent a considerable amount of time searching the internet and narrowing down on your market. The focus is to keep the online presence as simple as possible. The content should keep the visitor engaged or he/she will shift to another website.

designing a website for new online business

Some important points to be kept in mind are –

  • It is better to choose plain fonts. But ensure the background is white.
  • The navigation should be simple and easy-to-use. Make sure the features are the same on every page.
  • You can include images, graphics, video or audio. See if they can improve the message.
  • It is better to put offers/rewards so that you can get email addresses
  • The maximum time spent by the customer to get what he/she wants should be three minutes (check-in to check-out).

Always remember, the website is a representative of your company, so it should always be customer-friendly.

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Use Search Engines To Drive Traffic

Pay per click advertising is described as the best simple way for getting traffic to a brand-new site. There are two advantages. The PPC ads can show on the search pages as soon as possible. With the ads, you can test various keywords, prices, selling ideas and prices. Instant traffic is available but it is also possible to explore for new conversion keywords.

seo for making a online business succeed

You can use the keywords all over the website to get good rankings in the search results.


Internet is long used to search information. You can provide valuable information free of cost to other websites. In return, you can get more traffic and good rankings in search engines. However, you should always ensure the content contains a link to the website.

You can give away expert content free of cost. To assist others, you can design videos, write articles useful for the people. You can distribute your content via article directories or industry forums.

Email Marketing

Email marketing

You send an email and the visitors subscribes to your website or channel. You have crossed the most important path in turning visitors to potential customers.

You give the visitors information they search for

You have introduced yourself via email and established a relationship via the email

You can measure the response

Compared to the expenses on advertisements in print, video, television or radio, email marketing is cheaper.

Improve Your Income

Guess a customer’s value for a lifetime. It is estimated that nearly 36 percent of the people who purchase the very first time will buy another version of the service or product provided you do a follow-up.

increase your income with online business

Making the first sale is not easy. But the second sale is half the first-time effort. To make them your loyal customers, you can –

  • Send information on products similar to what they have bought the first time.
  • You can send coupons they can cash on their next visit.


There are many reasons why a business succeeds, but a few of the most important points are a good team and finance. And, the most important aspects are the passion for the business and the urge to be successful. So, take the points given above to make your new business the new “HOTSPOT” in the internet.

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