How To Select The Right Vacuum Cleaner

We would always like our home, workplace and other such spaces to be completely free from dust, grime and other impurities.


However, in spite of our best efforts at bare hand cleaning, it will not be a long time before the home becomes full of dirt and grime.


Manual cleaning has its own limitations or shortcomings. Hence the next best option would be to choose a good vacuum cleaner either for your home or workplace.


But the challenge lies in selecting the right vacuum cleaner when so many options are available. The best way forward is to get as much information as possible and then take the right buying decision.


There are many sites like KeuzeHelper which share information about different makes and models of vacuum cleaners. Visiting such sites is important because it will give readers and information seekers insight into the various functions and features which are important.


Additionally the kind of use which you would be requiring will also impact the quality, model, functions and price of vacuum cleaners.


We are pleased to share below a few useful points which we believe will be helpful in making the right choice of vacuum cleaners.


Do You Have Bare Floors

Many homes have flooring made of hardwoods and other tough and concrete surfaces. Even if you have flooring made of tiles you would require regular vacuuming.


In such situations it is important for you to choose the right vacuuming machine which can do the job. In most cases a good and versatile canister vacuum machine could be the best choice.


It comes with quite a few attachments and also has a bare floor brush. This helps you to get into the tight spaces and corners quite easily and do the cleaning.


If you choose an upright vacuum cleaner you must bear a few things in mind. It should allow you to turn the brush roll on and off.


Otherwise you could end up scattering dirt and debris on the bare floor. In some cases it could also lead to scratching and damage of the flooring surface.


Do You Have Wall-To-Wall Carpeting

If you buy a canister vacuum with motorized power and the right head attachment, you would have chosen a great machine for your expensive carpets. In case you have a large space to cover it would be better if you could choose and upright vacuum cleaner.


This makes it easy to move around from one place to another. It should also have wheels which make it convenient to move from one place to another.


You could also look for vacuum cleaners which have dirt sensors because they are excellent for complete and thorough cleaning of the carpet. It is also suitable for homes which have pets and children.


Does Your Home Have Staircases

When you buy a vacuum cleaner with the right attachments and a long hose, you will get the best results when you have to clean homes with staircases.


However you have to ensure that the vacuum cleaner is not cumbersome and unwieldy. This will tire you out because you may have to drag it up and down the stairs.


This will surely tire you out fast. Hence you would be advised to go in for a lighter variant which makes it easy to port around. There are many machines which are specifically designed for floor cleaning.


You also must pay attention to the kind of attachments that come with such staircase cleaning vacuuming machines.


Want To Keep Your Home Free From Allergens

You have to understand that vacuum cleaners work by drawing air in and by throwing air out. The first process leads to suction of dirt and debris from various surfaces.


The same get trapped inside the vacuum cleaner which can be disposed off later. The second option of exhaust leads to removing tough dirt like cobwebs.


Therefore when you choose a suction based vacuum cleaner you must be sure that it is thoroughly sealed and also comes with a HEPA filter.


This will certainly trap 99.97% of dirt, pollen, dander and mold spores inside the machine which will ensure that your home and surroundings are quite clean.


Therefore before buying a good vacuum cleaner you have to do your research properly and choose a make and model that suits your specific needs and requirements.

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