?Best Ways on How to Remove FaceApp Watermark from Image?

Are you here looking for the best ways on how to remove faceapp watermark from the images?

If yes then perfect as you are at the right place.

As per latest news faceapp is down from past few hours but do not worry as Team HOB has given a guide on how to fix faceapp down error in easy steps.

The Faceapp is a free + Paid app which the user can use in order to use funny filters on his/her photo.


Whenever a user saves a pic from faceapp then a faceapp watermark appears at the bottom right corner of the image and to be honest this seems to be irritating to most of the users.

Users who have used the old age filter on their photo do not want that watermark of faceapp to be displayed at the bottom of their image and are looking for the ways on how to hide or remove faceapp watermark.

As per a user survey, almost 90% of the users do not want that watermark to be displayed in the images and therefore here we are with an amazing guide on,

Best Ways to Remove FaceApp Watermark from Images:

The given ways can be used for both android and iOS apps in order to remove the watermark.

1. Purchase the Full Version of FaceApp:

FaceApp offers a paid full version to all its users in order to get access to all the other filters which are not available in the free version of the app. Also, by purchasing the paid version of this app users will be able to remove the faceapp watermark from the images.

In order to purchase the full version all you have to do is:

  • Open the FaceApp application in your mobile device.
  • Click on the settings button (given on the top left side of the app).
  • Click on the PRO Version button.
  • Choose the desired package you want to purchase.
  • Make the Payment.
  • BINGO!!! You are now a full version user of FaceApp.

Purchase the Pro Version of faceApp to Remove Watermark

2. Edit/Crop the Image to Remove FaceApp Watermark:

All the users have this right to edit or crop the image from wherever they want to and this is the best opportunity to remove the watermark and that too without paying any penny for it.

All you have to do it just crop the image from the watermark area and it is done. You have just removed the watermark of faceapp without paying for the pro version.

3. Downloading the Cracked Version of FaceApp:

There are many third party websites which are offering the Pro Version of FaceApp in Free (CRACKED VERSION). But we will advise all our users not to download and install this cracked version as cracked versions are most of times bundled with virus and other types of malware.

Therefore if you are looking to go for the Pro Version then the best and safest way is to do an in-app purchase about the same.

By the way, our team did a great research on how to fix the faceapp something went wrong error and have given a solution guide on how to fix it.

Do click on the link given above to check the best ways to solve that problem.

Do let us know about your views and problems you are facing with faceapp application by dropping a comment in our comment box.

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