How To Reduce The Cost Of Being A Wedding Guest

Is there anything more exciting than being invited to the weddings of your family or closest friends? We don’t think so, either. However, when you start to think about the reality of attending them all, it does soon register that it’s going to be an expensive year. If you’re worrying about a cash drought pre-wedding season, allow us to help. Read below for some top tips on how you can reduce the cost of being a wedding guest.

Travelling to the venue

Depending on where the wedding is, you could find yourself driving for hours – or even flying – to get to the chosen destination. So, how can you save on a trip that requires you to travel many miles? One great way of keeping costs down is by splitting travel expenses with other guests. Drive together to divide the cost of petrol or share a room if you’re having to stay over in a hotel. If you’re going abroad, ensure that you book your flights early to get the best possible deal.

Finding the perfect gift

Being a wedding guest doesn’t need to break the bank, especially when it comes to finding the ideal gift. Instead of stressing about what you should buy or how much you should spend, ask your friends if you can combine your money to purchase a more expensive item, such as personalised glassware or pretty silverware or a set of chair covers.

If you’d prefer to gift them with something just from you, there is nothing wrong with giving cash. That way, you won’t feel pressured to spend beyond what you can afford.

Choosing your wedding outfit

While it’s certainly nice to have a new outfit for every event, it’s often not affordable, so before heading to your next wedding, why not consider recycling an outfit? You could even jazz up your favourite piece of attire by adding or removing material.

If you would still prefer to wear something you have not been seen in before, you can head to your local charity shop or vintage store and have a hunt through the rails. Not only will your purchases be going to a worthwhile cause, you will also be supporting sustainable fashion by shopping at the likes of Marie Curie or Oxfam.

Don’t be afraid to say no

Before confirming your attendance at the wedding, it’s essential that you consider all your financial options to realistically work out if you can afford to go. If you know that you won’t be able to attend both the hen/stag do celebrations as well as the wedding, your friends and family will understand.

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