How to Protect Your Business from Security Risks

Don’t expect cybercrime to stoop growing or the threats to be less threatening. As long as our reliance on the internet grows, cybersecurity will continue posing a huge threat to our personal and business lives.

In a roundup of statistics collected by CSO, damage from cybercrime is expected to hit a high of $6 trillion per year by the year 2021.

It is, therefore, expected that companies would continue spending at least $1 trillion per year to fight cybercrime. It’s also estimated that the rate of global ransomware damage will continue to rise even as companies work around the clock to beat these threats.

While all this is true and scary, it’s important that you employ strategies that will enhance the online security of your data, including your email data. Small and large businesses are now victims of cybercrime, but this doesn’t mean that anyone should relent their efforts in fighting cybercrime.

There are several steps you could take to protect the data of your business and the information of your clients. For example, if you work in tax audit Mississauga, you know that your clients rely on your discretion to continue working with them. You must be able to protect their details from falling into the wrong hands.


There are several things you could do to enhance the security of your system and business.

They include:

The use of email encryptions and security solutions

Today, everyone relies on their email for communication, and this means that a lot of vital information that could fall into the wrong hands must be protected. Thanks to email encryption, you will be able to add a layer of protection to your files and emails. An expert in email protection/ advanced threat protection at Zix notes that hackers are coming up with more sophisticated attacked and though ransomware attacks have dropped, hackers are evolving their attacks and are targeting the business models, stealing data from corporates. Therefore, you should re-evaluate and re-prioritize data security for your business’ success and its growth.

Fortunately, there are several email encryption solutions you could use and integrate into your email platforms.

Employ security policies

Data protection goes beyond reliance on the best available software solutions. Once you understand the value of your data, you will know that it’s not only important for you to employ the best software programs, but it’s even more important for you to employ and strengthen your corporate governance structures to ensure regular and consistent security runs on all platforms. This means looking at the people you employ, the cloud service providers you work with, and your web host among other parties

Back up all critical data

Now is the right time for you to add cloud storage as a data backup location for your business’ data. This is important because an attack by hackers often means that your data is compromised and you’d have to reinstall your systems, losing all the data that was there. The system reinstallation often means an inability to recover lost data. Cloud storage prevents this from happening, and you wouldn’t have to worry much about the ransomware since you can scrape off your computers and keep going.

What else can you do?

  • Delete unused applications from your computer
  • Delete unused accounts
  • Make use of two-factor authentication and use strong passwords
  • You should also educate and train your teams.
  • Update your website plugins and software.

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