How To Prepare Printable Artwork with T-shirt Design Software

These days, printed t-shirts have become the next trending thing all over the world. Online retailers are now allowing customers to personalize the t-shirts by using sophisticated t-shirt design software. As people are getting inclined towards custom t-shirt designs, online shop owners are trying their best to offer top-of-the-class products to their customers.

Therefore, t-shirt designer tools are quite handy for ecommerce businesses as well as the online shoppers. Integration of a designer tool into the website, allows the end users to craft any type of custom designs for t-shirts without restrictions. The users can order the self-designed t-shirts for printing and delivery to their home.

The end users can create appealing designs as per their imagination. If you have created a t-shirt design and ready to convert it into a finished piece of creativity by ordering printing, then there are some points that you must consider before submitting the design. By considering these points, you can ensure to get satisfactory results and obtain the t-shirt design that matches your ideas.

Simple Points on How to Prepare Artwork for T-shirt Printing

Creating an appealing t-shirt design should not be difficult if you pick the right options and elements for your design. By choosing the best options, you can make your design attractive and beautiful.

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Use PMS Colors

There are different colors modes like CMYK, RGB, PMS etc which allows the end users to add certain colors to their artwork. However, to get the best color output for silk-screen printing, you must opt for PMS color system. With this system, color separation becomes clear and easy. By using PMS color system, the users can ensure to get prints with matching colors.

Modify Texts

There may be times when your design may not require very clear fonts or need a custom font. You would like to take care of the fonts when submitting the design for printing, as it might be substituted during the printing of the t-shirt. In such a case, you can choose to change the text into outlines, as a result the text will appear as image wherever you open the artwork. Hence, no substitutions will be done as texts appear as images.

Create Design in Original Size

Create design in original size

You should not rely on the printer for design specifications like size if you haven’t discussed it with the printer. Plus, your printer may not have the same vision and idea of the final product as you have for your designer t-shirts. So, to avoid any discrepancy in the final output you must create the final design layout in its original size using the designer software and then submit the design to the printer.

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Use Vector Artwork

You can use raster artwork if you want, but it is advised to utilize vector artwork wherever possible as they provide quality. There are several advantages of using vector artwork like they make separation easier and print quality quality becomes better and clearer even in short details by using these resources.

Expand Your Strokes

The color separation software will work flawlessly, if you have set the PMS color swatch properly with all the colors. Often errors occur when the stroke has been overlooked. Make sure to expand the stroke for seamless printing.

Set Halftones

Sometimes there may be requirement to use the halftones to save the amount of colors printed. A perfect way to do this is reducing the color level to a percentage of the PMS color. After this, other things will be managed by the printer by using color separation software.

Wrapping up!

Custom printed t-shirts are quite popular these days and everyone likes to create their own designs for t-shirts. Thanks to t-shirt design software that businesses can allow their customers to create custom designs and get them printed on the t-shirts. It is a great way for buyers to purchase personalized tees that are specifically designed by the buyers themselves.

By using this software, the end users get freedom to design any type of design as per their interests and likes. Plus, it is quite easy to use these software as they are designed in a way that anyone can use them without requiring any technical expertise.

The use of a t-shirt design tool is useful for both ecommerce businesses and customers as they get advantage of personalization. Through personalization ecommerce businesses can provide their customers with customized t-shirts that their customers will love to buy.

Similarly, customers can create specific designs that suit their interests, moods, and likes to personalize t-shirts as per their own tastes. When creating custom designs, the end users have to do imagine the design, create it and then send it to the printer for printing. Before submitting the final designs preparations are to be made by the users to ensure a better printing.

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