Guide on How to Pack a Cooler?

Ice coolers are really effective but only if the users pack it in the right way. If it is not organized right, all the insulation on which you have invested will go in vain.

There are many ways in which you can maximize the effectiveness of an ice cooler.

Given that ice coolers are carried along on a number of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and fishing.

Here is how you can pack a cooler and make sure it works in the most efficient manner:

  1. Chill the cooler

If you want to keep the ice longer, then chill the cooler prior. You can even let the ice cooler get colder in a commercial freezer. Make sure the cooler spend the whole night in the freezer. If you don’t own one, then stick the cooler to the coolest part of your house.

  1. Freeze the drinks and food

If you are thinking of having food and drinks a few days after they have been entered in the cooler, pack them frozen. It is important for them to thaw over time.

This applies both to food and the drinks, even the water.

  1. Use ice packs instead of cubes

It is important to use long lasting ice packs instead of ice cubes in order to ensure the chill within the cooler.

Smaller ice cubes will melt off very quickly ruining your entire outdoor journey. Ice packs can even be made at home only, however, it is recommended to purchase it from outside.

  1. Pay it in layers

The cooler needs to be packed in layers. Ice packs must be placed at the bottom of the cooler and then place a sheet of cardboard on it.

This prevents the food from slipping through the ice and making everything soggy.

  1. Do not rely on food packaging

This has been a common problem with all the users. Resealing the food item and putting it back in the cooler is one of the biggest mistakes.

You will later find a soggy mash. Take the food out of its original packing and put it in a Tupperware. This ensures no mishap takes place.

  1. Add more insulation

Even if you are owning one of the best coolers in the market, there is no harm in adding an extra layer of insulation. It will help you fight off the scorching heat.

Cooler size rectangles can be cut out of old sleeping pads.

  1. Keep the food organized

It is advisable to keep the food as much organized as you can. Food types must be divided into separate sections. Know where everything will be placed.

It allows you to search through things quickly.

  1. Store the cooler inside

Even though coolers are designed to be durable but they are not supposed to be placed directly under the sun. It can sometimes even break down the plastic.

Keep it indoor in order ensure everything remains cool within it. Things will tend to last forever then.

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