What If You Could Never Lose In An Online Fantasy Cricket Match?

Cricket has remained a craze among individuals in India for a long time and the scenario has still not changed. It is a sport that is highly appreciated by people belonging to different age groups, be it a 5-year-old kid learning the skills or a mid-aged man who still prefers playing gully cricket with his gang. Whatever the case may be, losing is never an option. Whether a person plays for a contest or for fun, winning is what every player aspires for.

Fantasy cricket was first observed in India in 2012 but people hardly knew about the fantasy sports platform as much as they know now – thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Insider Sports, the crisis helped people to unlock the fantasy sports market in India, especially cricket. In a fantasy cricket sport, when a match is going on, you can have a team of your own 11 players chosen to start with the game.

The choices made for the game are crucial as they play a great role in helping you record a win. Thus, here are a few fantasy tips and tricks for you to know to make sure you never lose in an online fantasy cricket match.

Check Weather & Pitch Report

It might be an ODI or a T20 match, it is very important for you as a player to remain updated when you have already decided to win a match. Among the factors that you need to consider, one is to check the weather and pitch report. This might seem to be a minute detail for you to go through but when the field is not sound enough for the sports, winning becomes tough for players. Thus, when it comes to taking match details, consider figuring out in what condition the pitch is and how favourable the weather is.

Understanding the condition of the pitch will let you choose better players for the match. In case the pitch is flat, strong batsmen would be the best to be taken in the team while a slow and dry pitch calls for more spinners. So, do a bit of research and you will get an idea about the pitch and weather conditions, which will help you have a stronger team.

Focus on Players Recent Form

Most of the fantasy cricket players have been found making this mistake and you are not expected to repeat the same. While selecting a proper team, you might take into consideration the previous performance of players rather than focusing on what should be their take in the recent match. To make winning easier, it is recommended that you don’t focus on the way a player performed in the previous match. Instead, look at the recent form they prefer.

You are expected to not select someone who has performed well a long time back rather consider the recent form and performance of a player. Forget about the career record while choosing the players for your team, focus only on their abilities as displayed in the recent matches. That’s it.

Choose Captain & Vice-Captain Carefully

No matter how strong a cricket team is, if the captain and vice-captain are incapable, things are never going to be right. Thus, a carefully made decision will determine a loss or win for the team you choose. The Captain gets 2x points and Vice-Captain gets 1.5x points for the runs they score and when these two pillars of the team are strong, you are likely to win the fantasy game. Thus, it is recommended that you select the best captain and vice-captain before the game starts.

Make Sure You Have Top-Order Batsmen in The Team

When you choose top-order batsmen for the team, it will ensure you never lose in an online fantasy cricket match. In fact, when it’s an important match like T20s and ODIs, having a list of a prioritised set of openers, middle-order batsmen followed by lower-order batsmen is crucial. If the game format is of a shorter period of time, the lower-order batsmen are less likely to get a chance to play. Hence, the risk of losing is very low.

Thus, select the proper order in which the batsmen will hit the pitch. If you analyse the potential of the players carefully and set the order, you will never lose.

Have Good Bowlers in the Team

Sometimes, it becomes even more significant to have strong bowlers in the team. Based on the way a player attends to every ball, a bowler considers the pace of his throw. In fact, the fielders and spinners also become the strength of the team, especially when the condition of the pitch is not in favour of the strong batsmen in the other team.

Once you have the best batsmen as well as strong bowlers selected for your team, more than half of the game is in your favour with higher chances of a win.

Don’t Rush & Spend Much

It is normally observed that whenever a T20 league is to start or any other important match is to begin, the cricket fans are too excited to think and act. In short, they are overconfident of winning the match, and in the rush, they invest a high amount in choosing the team to earn more and more after the win. It is, therefore, recommended to you to stay calm and take decisions wisely. Remember, a fantasy cricket match is more for fun and it has nothing to do with becoming a source of income for you. Thus, never invest too much unnecessarily and decide on your limits. If you start investing more, you might lose control, thereby losing all your savings or hard-earned money. So, never rush.

Spending carefully on players and keeping the above-mentioned tips and tricks in mind, you will surely get a chance to win. What is required is for you to consider the game as a pastime or fun rather than a source of hefty money.

Stay cool and calm and go for it!!!

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