How to Modify the Salvage Title of a Vehicle So That You Can Sell It

One of the most common questions that people face while dealing with a salvage car is that whether they can possibly get the ‘salvage’ title removed from their vehicle or not. Generally speaking, you cannot get rid of the salvage title from your car. However, by following specific guidelines like checking the auto licensing regulations of a particular state, you can replace the salvage title with a ‘reconditioned’ or ‘rebuilt’ title.

Whether you are running a business of salvage cars or want to sell your salvage titled car and looking for ways to re brand it.


Take a look at these steps that will help you in modifying its title as ‘rebuilt’


  • Buy the Salvage Car

This is easier said than done actually, as every state has its own licensing regulations and you should always look carefully into the different registration criteria along with the titling rules of your state prior to purchasing a salvage title car.

For example, some states only permit licensed re builders to own and make investments in salvage cars. If this is the same case in your state, then you can only accomplish a deal on salvaged cars when it has been modified and undergone inspection and further re-branding procedures.

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  • Renovate the Vehicle

Make certain that you have hired the services of a reliable mechanic who is certified in repairing salvage vehicles. Since salvage cars are discarded by the insurance companies, it is better to have a certified mechanic handle the repair work rather than doing it yourself. Also, ensure that you have all the important documents related to the vehicle and click lots of images before and during the renovation and remodelling process.


  • Get the Inspection

This is the most important step as DMV or the Department of Motor Vehicles will inspect your car to determine if it deserves ‘reconditioned’ or ‘rebuilt’ title. For this, you will need to acquire and fill all the necessary legal forms. This is where all the images that you captured along with the paperwork come into play.

The DMV will possibly ask for submitting your documents of salvage title, the bill of sale, the images, and further documentation as part of the procedure. After managing the paperwork, make an appointment with the DMV for getting your car inspected.

Once your repaired vehicle has passed the inspection perfectly, the inspector will provide your vehicle with a decal, which shows that it has cleared the inspection.


  • Final Paperwork

Your last strategy will be to file an application and request for the re-branded title. You need to pay some fees for this process. You will finally receive the re-branded title, as well as, a declaration branded in the front showcasing that the car has been remodelled or rebuilt.



Finally, make sure that you after you get the vehicle repaired and inspected, you carry all the necessary documents like your photo ID, repair receipts, the inspection reports, and other documents needed in your state for getting a rebranded title. You can never remove the salvage title from a car, but at least you can achieve a rebuilt title, which will help you increase the selling price of your car.

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