How To Grow Beard? Best Beard Growth Products and Oil

So, are you sure that you want to grow a beard? Have you made the decision to grow a beard? but are the things moving a little slower than you thought it will be? Is your beard growing very slow?

How to grow beard?

Well, The likelihood is that you have not given proper care and time to your beard area in the past and now in order to grow your beard nicely you’ll have to put some of your time in it. But the main question still remains the same.


This article shows you information on following topics:

Why Grow Beard

How do you speed up beard growth?

List of best beard growth oil that a man should use




How do you speed up beard growth?

Well no need to panic, there is still a way tt that beard of yours to grow nicely and keep going.

We know you are now keenly looking for the ways to speed-up the beard growth. So, how do you stimulate beard growth? These are the basics on how to grow a beard

  • Start with a clean slate: Wash and clean your face nicely, lather up and apply the cream/foam gently and get your razor in there. Before you can begin growing a nice beard, give yourself a solid, seamless start as this foundation will prevent any uneven or patchy areas left uncovered.
  • Alter your diet: To speed-up the stages of growing a beardyou have to give your body the best nutrition which is directly associated with growth. Protein-rich foods such as meats, peas, broccoli, and spinach will help speed things up.
  • Wash: We are hoping that this goes without saying, but washing your beard regularly is a very simple and easiest way to speed-up the growth. Beard wash should accelerate the beard growth stages just by gentle massage and scrubbing. However be gentle, we don’t want you to scrub vigorously and damage your skin.
  • Use of supplements/natural growth enhancers: While there is an abundance of natural men’s hair growth enhancers and creams that claims to enhance the growth with 4x speed, they are often overlooked in favors of heavily advertised, branded alternatives. One example is eucalyptus, a highly effective ingredient that will promote skin pores (necessary for beard growth) construction and cleansing.

Perfect beard

Why Grow Beard:

Com’on, I mean what’s cooler than having a beard!

Einstein had a beard, Shakespeare had a beard, Virat kohli has a beard and above all the most amazing man ever born to live had or has a beard…God made sure that men should have hair on their face and this is why we have hair on our face which we call as BEARD

Does this makes sense, No?

Well here are few points that will make sure that you end up in growing a damn good beard.

Macho man beard

  • Beard shows authority

Yes, think about  – a man in a normal suit with a clean shave, and the another in a black suit with a nice thick black beard – who looks more authoritative? This is also probably why many religious scholars keep the beard.

  • Beard shows intelligence

Men  having beard tend to caress their beard when in deep thought and this makes them look really smart and intelligent. Not agreed? Why do you think Steve jobs had a beard???

Thick Beard

  • Beard is the new black

Yes beard looks good. Many Researches has shown that women find men with good beard more attractive than a clean shaved man. We think it is the manly look which a beard gives to a man. If you are single and you are looking for a woman then this tip can make your day.

  • Beard shows responsibility

A man with good beard makes him look like a responsible person. The logic is very simple, If you have a beard, you have to groom it to make your beard grow nicely, and if you groom it, you have to spend time in doing that, and if you are spending your time on something then you are obviously a responsible man as you know how to spend the time on quality things.

Best Beard

  • Beard shows patience

Growing a beard is not that easy. You have to go through the early itching stage and what not. It takes patience to grow a beard, and if you are able to grow one, you must be a man with hell of a patience power.

  • Beard keeps you healthier

Yes, This is a fact. Researches has shown that men with good and thick beards tends to suffer from flu less compared to men who don’t. Also, having a beard can help keeping the dust away from your face in case you have allergies from dust particles. Just remember to properly wash your beard every day and you should be good.

Ranveer Singh Beard

Now the topic is what products should you use in order to maintain a good and healthy beard and how to grow beard on some patches that are not having hairs.


Here is a list of best beard growth oil that helps to keep beard healthy and even grow more:

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