How To Get Yourself To Stop Snoring While Sleeping

With no doubt, snoring isn’t a new thing and quite a large number of people in the world have this problem. People have tried various over-the-counter medications and therapies to solve the problem but all in vain. The problem is really stressful to both the sufferer as well as close people to the victim.

Snoring sufferers should worry less since reading this article will get them amicable solutions. Herein I will discuss tested and proven ways you can employ to stop snoring. Health specialists have approved them for being effective to curb the snoring problem. Read every detail in this article and testify the experience upon trying out.

How To Get Yourself To Stop Snoring

Before you get solutions to snoring, what brings about this problem? Snoring is a sleeping problem that arises due to a lack of free movement of air through the respiratory tract. During this time, the tissues around the tract vibrate leading to the production of that annoying sound.

Usually, people who snore have respiratory tract tissues that are liable to vibrations. Any kind of blockage within the system will make these issues vibrate and that’s the snoring sound.You can also read sleep connection post to know more about snoring issues.

Consequently, your tongue position can also contribute big to the space you create for air to flow through the tract. While asleep, the tongue tends to slip back to the throat. This can block the airway thereby causing the through muscles to start vibrating.

Even though it seems like not a serious condition, snoring can give rise to a lot of problems. Snoring can lead an individual to gain weight, damage the brain, develop heart diseases. Moreover, the people who snore are prone to diabetes, developing depression, hormonal issues, and aging fast. However, snoring sufferers should worry less, below are expert strategies of stopping snoring.

Experts Encourage Side Sleeping

There are people with both minor and severe snoring problems out there. Side sleeping is a tested snoring stopping strategy that experts recommend to those suffering from a minor snoring problem. Maintaining the same position isn’t an easy task, but you can devise ways for that. For instance, you can place a tennis ball on their back to alert them whenever they are about to turn.

However, that is a past strategy, and people now have devised new strategies to help them maintain a side sleeping position. Nowadays, body pillows form an excellent strategy for maintaining the same position. The side position prevents relaxed throat muscles from creating a block that hinders the passage of air through the respiratory tract.

Indulge in Regular Tongue and Throat Exercises

Apart from side sleeping, exercising your tongue and throat can solve the snoring problem. This seems a joke but there are tongue and throat exercises that strengthen them. For instance, you can press the molars gently, but do that with moderation to avoid overstretching.

Don’t just do the same once, let it be something you accomplish regularly. A repeat of such exercise at least 15 times daily is enough to maintain the back of your mouth open. Opened back region prevents the throat area from relaxing, leading to vibrations that come out as snoring sounds.

Vitamin C

When talking about stopping snoring, we are just trying all the possible ways that maintain the back mouth open. Sinuses are bad airway obstructions that lead the uvula to vibrate thereby releasing snoring noises. We have a remedy for this, Vitamin C is excellent inclusion in our diet to curb the snoring problem.

But then, how can this dietary nutrient help to solve the snoring problem? Now, Vitamin C is an excellent nutrient for promoting healthy immune systems. You obtain these nutrients by eating fruits containing sinus-fighting compounds like the red bell pepper, pineapples, and papayas. These will clear the sinuses and maintain the airways open for sufficient flowage.

Eat Light and Avoid Dairy Products at Night

Eat Light and Avoid Dairy Products at Night

Avoid all acts that might worsen your snoring condition. A few of such habits are consuming dairy products before going to bed. Remember, these products will leave mucus-like layers along the throat and in your mouth. Such a mucus layer possibly blocks the respiratory tract and thereby making passage of air difficult.

Apart from consuming dairy products at night, eating heavy meals before you get to bed. A full stomach usually tends to displace the diaphragm which hinders the breathing rhythm. Therefore, just eat light and something little to prevent such a happening.

Use an Oral Appliance

Lastly, if you feel that the above strategies are not helpful for this problem, then look for an oral appliance. Scientists and health practitioners have tried oral appliances and recommended them safe for stopping snoring. However, before getting the device, it’s essential if your doctor is aware of it. Your doctor can administer to you an oral device that will maintain the airway open.

These appliances usually ensure the tongue attains enough room to prevent possible obstructions while asleep. You should choose a device that fits correctly to prevent frequent adjustments at night. Moreover, you only require wearing the device when only going to bed since this is the time you will snore. Usually, oral devices tend to hold the jaws in a forward position thereby maintaining the respiratory tract open all through.


Snoring is so frustrating and can distract others from enjoying their nighttime sleep. However, sufferers should worry less since there are several ways of approaching and solving such a problem. Remember, you should try to stop the problem to give others ample time to sleep as well.

My article above has discussed excellent strategies snoring sufferers should employ to stop the problem. Don’t just incorporate one but instead try as many so that you don’t give it a chance. Also, these practices should be made a habit and not just a thing for one day. Employ the strategies and you shall allow others to enjoy their nights.

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