High Bounce Rate on Your Website? Learn How to Fix



Yes, heavy traffic IS a good thing when it comes to your website, but, unless you have a decent percentage of users renovating into purchasers, heavy traffic will undoubtedly have an adversarial effect on your ROI.


After all, you will have to recompense for PPC Ads and other SEO and SEM activities.


The succeeding are some valuable guidelines to help lower website bounce rates.


Examine SEO and SEM Deeds to See Whether You Are Getting Appropriate Traffic:

  • One of the core cause many websites have a higher than average bounce rate is that a lot of the traffic being headed to the URL is not significant to business.Why does this happen? — One substantial factor may be inexactitudes in your Search Engine Optimization and Marketing strategy.

    For e.g. if your PPC Ads target too broad a variety of keywords, a lot of your users will be people who do not fall within the profile of your target market, and logically, they will leave your website as rapidly as they got there.


  • Your website’s URL, page title, keyword meta tags, H1 and H2 tags, alt tags, and general keyword optimization in your content should all target the right keywords.Be assured that your SEO and SEM activities are controlled by or farm out to someone who not only understands SEO / SEM fully, but also recognizes your commerce fully. Otherwise, it will have a deep negative effect on your return on investments.


Evaluate the Content on Your website:

Content really is “King”, and another notable reason that people rapidly hit the “back” button, is when there are issues with content.


These issues may include: too much content; badly written copy, irrelevant material, uninteresting presentation. If the bounce rate on your website is high, you definitely need to re-evaluate its content. Your website’s copy should be clear, concise and to-the-point.


Your product’s Unique Selling Proposition and benefits should be apparent to your users as soon as he is on your landing page. Most people’s pursuit for a lower bounce rate ends with purely tweaking their content!


Do Not Ask Your Visitor to Register in Order to Be Able to Make a Purchase or Navigate via Your website:

When the world-wide web was in its nascent stages, many website did not allow visitors to even read their pages without registering! Today, if content is “King”, the consumer is also “King”, and probably King of an even larger country!




prohibiting your visitor to navigate through your website or make a buying, without registering, would be like being beheaded at the hands of your King!


Your potential customer will surely be able to find a substitute to your product or service in less time than it would take to register on your website.


Your request for a registering HAS to have no strings attached. In fact, you would do well to offer an incentive that would make signing-up worth his time.


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Ensure that your website is Easy to Use:

Ensure that your website is organized in such a way that it is easy to direct through. Keep your site-map updated at all times. Have an internal “search” feature on every page. Make it easy for your visitor to get to info he needs, and he will stay on your website till he does.


Do Unremitting Quality Analysis Exercises for Your website:

Quality analysis of your website should be a nonstop process, as it will alert you of concerns before they do your visitors. This is bound to have a positive effect on your bounce rate.


For e.g. Check your website for broken links (If your links don’t work, you are not likely to get that second click even if your visitor wants to give it to you!), check that your “buy” buttons all work and when clicked on show the right products in your shopping cart!


It’s frustrating for your guest than facing silly matters with your website. Hence regular QA practice, and are assured to have a lesser bounce rate.


Design your website In Such an Approach That It Is Imaginative and Prominent:

Estimate your website’s overall design and imaginative concept. Be careful not to use too many bright colors that are distasteful to the eye, and background images or color combinations that make it hard to read the text.


For reasons that are obvious, websites that have high-quality design elements normally have very low bounce rates.


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Have a Live Chat Feature, if Possible:

Having alive chat feature, which is manned around-the-clock doe’s marvels for keeping your visitor with you long enough for him to get all the answers he is looking for.


Plus, bounce rate aside, a live personal talk with your visitor is the best shot you will ever get at sloping the scales in favor of a sale!


Have Distinct Landing Pages for Your PPC Ads:

Creating discrete pages to correspond with exact PPC ads, guarantees that the tone of the landing page is similar to the visitors’ specific search.


Making potential customers land on pages that are relevant to their keyword search, is known to do wonders for lowering bounce rates. Doing this is sure to decode into more sales for you!


Minimize the Number of Outbound Links:

Do not have too many outbound links in the form of affiliate and general link ads. Link ads are countless when you have an informational website or blog, or when the key drive of your website is to earn revenue from them.


But, if you are running an internet business, the less outbound links you have, the more chance there is that your guest will remain on your website long enough to make that all-important optimal to purchase!


Guarantee That Structures on Your website are Well-suited with All Browsers:

Do not use browser-specific tags and other structures that will limit complete user-friendliness of your site. If invitees do not get optimal functionality with altered browsers, it is sure to have a negative effect on your website’s bounce rate.


Make Sure Your website Is Not Too Weighty and Slow to Download:

If your website is weighty on graphics, make sure you find a technique to accurately compress the images while holding their quality. If your site is too slow to download, your visitors will leave before they even reach!

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