How Often Do Athletes Have To Take A Drug Test?

Competitive sports can put many athletes under pressure to win. Many of these athletes are naturally talented, but once they cannot perform as well, they may end up taking PEDs or abusing drugs. When athletes use these types of drugs, their performance increases, which makes the competition unfair.

Moreover, these substances compromise their safety and welfare. For these reasons, the department concerned with athletics requires players to take drug tests during and offseason.

As an athlete, it is best to know more about the frequency of drug tests, what substances they test for, and the penalties for testing positive. Below is more information on these:

  1. Baseball

MLB players are tested at least twice every year. The first test is done during their spring training, and the second test is random. They conduct urine tests where they check for steroids, stimulants, hormones, and diuretics.

If you test positive for any of these substances, you get suspended for 50 games without payment. Failing second and third test results in 100 games suspension and a lifetime ban, respectively.

Failing these drug tests puts your profession at risk, so it is essential to stay away from these substances. Still, if you have used any of these before, you can outsource from Buy Fake Urine to help you pass these drug tests. Fake urine has a similar composition to real urine and will save you from jeopardizing your athletic career.

  1. Olympic Sport

Testing for Olympic players is random and unannounced at any time or day of the year. The Anti-Doping agency is in charge of these tests and runs both a blood and urine test. Testing positive for steroids, diuretics, related hormones, gene doping, among other results in a two-year ban. Failing the test twice puts you at risk of a lifetime ban and being stripped of your won medals.

  1. Basketball

NBA and WNBA players get tested up to four and three times per year, respectively. These tests are only conducted during practice and games season. A urine test is done checking for steroids, stimulants, hormones, and recreational drugs. The penalty for failing a drug test is an unpaid suspension.

  1. College Sports

All NCAA athletes take to two drug tests taken during regular and postseason testing. A player’s first positive tests result in a 1-year suspension. If the athlete fails the second drug tests, they get permanently banned from participating in the NCAA.

  1. Football

The players competing in the NFL games are tested weekly during the season and six times offseason. Ten players from each team get randomly selected for these urine tests. The urine gets screened for steroids, diuretic, hormones, EPO, and stimulants. An athlete with a positive test result gets suspended for four games without pay.

  1. Hockey

Hockey players are randomly tested thrice every year during the regular season. A urine test is run to check substances like steroids, hormones, anti-estrogen agents, diuretics, and gene doping. A first positive test leads to a 20 game unpaid suspension. Testing positive thrice leads to a lifetime ban.

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