How chatbots becomes the future of customer user experience?

Chatbots are a new interface. I leave out this multitude of Chatbots whose design is a tree more than obvious. I want to talk about Chatbots as they will be used tomorrow, real conversational robots. The conversational interaction mode will allow much more accurate data collection than current interfaces.

Tell me how you click, I’ll tell you who you are

Designed well before Chatbots, marketing automation software has refined their relevance of segmentation. Scoring in particular gives a relatively precise view of a particular palatability. It is then possible to interact in different ways to display a different content, a notification, to trigger a sequence of e-mails.

However, all this is based only on two clicks. One can possibly add the information entered by the user in the search bar of the site. Its like trying to describe someone you cannot see.

And thats the real promise of Chatbots. They allow dialogue with the user. We still do not see it, but we can know it a lot better. Not easy to determine the state of mind of a user in his way of clicking. No doubt a little machine learning can yield results to make sentiment analysis from the way of clicking. In any case, from what he grasps, thats for sure.


The giants of the web

There are already ecosystems with which we express ourselves with our words. Facebook, Google, Amazon (and reviews) already record a lot of information about us. With Facebook for example, a like has a lot of value in customer knowledge, since it expresses an opinion.

The champion in all categories is probably Google, since he is told all the time what is sought as information. If we combine this with the fact that, thanks to the massive adoption of Google Analytics, it can track what happens on sites that do not belong to him, we understand the mass of information collected.

We could say that the giants of the web are afraid of losing all this customer knowledge, accumulated tomorrow by Chatbots operators. On the contrary, quite the opposite. They have all made formidable tools for developing Chatbots and they will still be there to inflate our profiles already provided.

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They even went so far as to create a physical interface, to be sure that we can continue to interact with them. Google Home, Amazon Echo, presented as connected speakers pre-figure the interfaces of tomorrow, and the deep customer knowledge that results. Only Facebook has not taken this route, but will soon create messenger bots directly to integrated sites.


Are Chabot’s a danger for the agency profession?

The giants of the web have no reason to be afraid of Chatbots, they are instead a new source of customer knowledge much more relevant.

A semblance of explanation could be in Googles 0 position. It is obvious that a smart assistant will not declaim the first ten pages of results. It is likely to choose the position 0. We can already record actions that Google Home offers.

Google announced recently the creation of Chat base free service for chatbots usage analysis and providing access to a synthesis of customer knowledge. By the time all future bots use it and allow a Botrank, there is only a small step.

If sites become chatbots, the whole web changes. The top website designing and development company in USA is acquiring these skills to make the brands visible in this new landscape. As change is happening now, rather than danger, agencies need to see chatbots as a new territory, with new tools, much more relevant to customer knowledge.

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