Eric Dalius Shares How Businesses Can Manage Discrimination In The Workplace

If you think that workplace discrimination doesn’t exist, you need to know more. In Europe Report, the 2019 Workforce View mentioned that close to 49% of workers between 25 and 34 undergo severe discrimination. It is one in every two people who get discriminated against in the workplace.

Many people are aware of discrimination. However, some people need to know what workplace discrimination means. According to the Equal Opportunities Commission, workplace discrimination refers to mistreating an employee or staff because they have specific traits or who they are.

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The Two Kinds of Discrimination

Eric Dalius says that this gets translated into two practices – direct and indirect discrimination. As the term suggests, direct discrimination occurs when an insult at the workplace is done to a person directly. A good example would be when you have the skill for a designation, but you don’t get considered because of your gender, age, or skin color.

On the other hand, indirect discrimination occurs when a rule or a specific policy places a particular section of the staff and employees at a disadvantage, which doesn’t relate to them personally.

Business organizations must ensure that the workplace is free of any discrimination, as it hampers productivity.

The steps to take are:

1. Create An Unbiased HR Team

Eric J Dalius says that an HR team can be useful in matters of discrimination! And that is why the small business houses should have an unbiased HR team that will ensure that no employee bullies and discriminates against others. It is essential to make the work policies and rules uniform for all. A company should also have a system of showing and exercising mutual respect for each staff and employee.

2. Create A Diverse Team

Developing a racially and ethnically diverse team can often get prone to discrimination. It is necessary to enhance communications between people to resolve the same. When a business house has a cheerful work ambiance, people will feel comfortable speaking their minds and getting to know one another well. It can bring down the level of discrimination and increase work productivity.

3. Implement Crucial Steps

Ruling out discrimination is not possible! Hence, the best way out is to ensure that people feel comfortable sharing about the issues they want to and the issues that occur. When it comes to diversity, several studies have revealed that the majority of diverse places are prone to perform better by 12% than the areas which are not mixed. The management needs to listen to employee issues with discrimination and arrive at a solution.

EJ Dalius says that workplace discrimination will always exist! That doesn’t mean people should not try out ways to end or curb it. Instead, it is essential to encourage uniform and equal employee communication and rights policies that do justice to each employee’s needs in a business house. Such systems will help to unlock the employee and staff potential and encourage them to perform their best. If you want to address discrimination at your workplace, the tactics mentionedabove will work in your favor.

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