How a Bad Mattress Could Ruin Your Health & Happiness

A night of sound sleep is crucial to your good health and overall well-being.


In the case of the Americans, sleep is given far more priority than sex and six out of every ten individuals in the U.S.A. would prefer sleep over romance.


In this context, you must realize that the quality of sleep that you get at night depends primarily on the kind of mattress you are using.


If you are sleeping on a fresh new and high-quality mattress, you are sure to enjoy a blissful night of sleep.


But on the contrary, if you are sleeping on an old or a bad mattress that is excessively firm or too soft or made of harmful chemicals, not only your sleep would be compromised, your health would also go for a toss.


Do not let an old mattress ruin your health and peace of mind.


Get your mattress replaced every eight years or so.


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While buying a new mattress, focus on its features and invest in a high-quality mattress only to avoid serious health risks.


Just like an old mattress, even a mattress that does not seem to be a great fit for all your unique requirements could end up ruining your health and cause heavy damages that are much more serious than just a good night’s sleep.


Here are a few instances of how your bad mattress is slowly but surely ruining your health and impacting adversely your overall well-being.


An Undesired Increase in Your Stress Level

Stress is triggered by a whole lot of things right from job issues to health-associated problems. However, studies have revealed that a bad mattress could lead to an increased stress level.


As per a recent study, sixty individuals were asked to sleep on a bad mattress or their old mattress for about a month and then they were all given a fresh new mattress to use for the next one month.


It was found that when the individuals slept on a comfortable new mattress, they had a fabulous sleep every night and eventually their stress levels seemed to have gone down significantly.


Consider buying a new mattress, but remember to browse the Internet for mattress reviews and you must read full comparison in order to determine the best mattress for your unique needs.


Your old mattress is surely related directly to your actual stress level because you experience a backache from sleeping on your old mattress and also, the irritability associated with poor sleep could be increasing briskly, the cortisol level in your body.


Your Bad Mattress & Snoring

More often than not people overlook the fact that a bad mattress could be the actual cause of snoring. In this context, experts feel that if your mattress does not support your body well, your tissues would sink and your airways could be under tremendous stress leading to snoring. Snoring could prove to be fatal, so do not take this issue lightly.


Memory Impairment

If you are suffering from memory issues, it must have been triggered by poor sleep at night because of a bad mattress.


During REM or deep sleep, your memories tend to be formed. If due to a bad mattress, you are not able to get to the REM stage; your brain would not be able to create the memories properly.


This culminates in memory impairment that could completely ruin your quality of life.


A bad mattress has numerous health implications and could spoil your life completely. So it is best to buy a high-quality mattress that caters perfectly to your unique needs.

Renowned beauty experts also believe that a bad mattress could ruin your self-esteem and self-confidence. Lacks of sleep leads to dark circles and puffy eyes that make you look tired and definitely older.

We may safely conclude by saying that if your sleep is compromised, you must consider investing in a good mattress.

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