Best Places To Hire Dodgems For Parties and Weddings

If you are looking to hire dodgems for a party or a wedding function then you are at the right place because here you will be getting all the required information about from where to hire the best dodgems for parties.

What is Dodgems?

Dodgems are basically small electrically powered bumper cars which can be driven by kids as well as adults too. The cars are attached through electric wires which are then connected on the roof which is why even when the cars bump into each other none of the car gets damaged and only a bump is felt by the person sitting in the car and which is why Dodgems are hired in a function for fun.

Why Should You Hire Dodgems For Weddings and Parties?

In a party or a wedding there are people of all age group and to keep all age groups entertained you cannot hire activities for each age group which is why you have to look for something which can entertain everyone and one such activity is Dodgems.

A Dodgems is something in which people from any age group can participate. A kid aged 7 can participate and even an old man aged 60 can participate. So basically you will be having 1 activity to entertain all your guests and that too at a very cheap price.

List of Best Dodgems Providers in The World:

  1. Candy Floss Crazy:

If you are looking to hire dodgems for parties and weddings then Candy Floss Crazy is the best option you can look for. With amazing user reviews and ratings this company is providing one of the best dodgems service you can ever get. Along with dodgems the company is providing many other rides like Carousel, Miami, Toytown, Teacups, Ghost Train and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Just visit the official website of Candy Floss Crazy and get a dodgems in your party.

  1. North’s Funfairs:

North’s Funfair comes second in our list if you are looking to hire dodgems for parties and weddings. With good user reviews and ratings North’s Funfairs is providing dodgems in parties from a long time. The service providers have limited the types of rides and fun activities they can provide but they always make sure that whatever service they are giving, they should provide the best to their customer. The types of rides they provide are: Carousel Rides, Dodgems, Helter Shelter and a few more.

  1. Eddy Leisure:

Eddy Leisure comes third in our list of dodgems hire for parties and weddings. They have very advanced and modern dodgems which they provide to their clients but as the technology and advancement increases the price also increases which is why people are preferring Eddy Leisure a bit less over the other two mentioned dodgems hire providers.

It is not that Eddy Leisure do not have a good customer base or user reviews. They also have fantastic reviews from their clients but there are few reasons due to which people are preferring other 2 providers a bit more.


Dodgems for parties and weddings can give entertainment to all your guests easily and that too in a limited budget. This is the main reason why people hire dodgems for parties and weddings as they are a great source of entertainment for all age groups.

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